Oakland construction complete

Downtown Oakland and the Bay

Downtown Oakland and the Bay

Sonic.net’s innovative carrier Ethernet and ADSL2+ products are now online in the Oakland area.  FlexLink’s Ethernet access is perfect for business users with symmetric bandwidth needs, and includes a string business grade service level agreement to back up it’s reliability.  Fusion Broadband’s ADSL2+ and pair bonded ADSL2+ services bring fast asymmetric speeds to small business and residential users.

With Oakland online, we are now offering service in a pretty big chunk of the Easy Bay.  The coverage spans from Oakland, through Berkeley, Albany and Richmond.

  • Laura Roberts

    Come to Petaluma, Please!!!

  • Petaluma is online today, but note that services are limited to the area within about two miles of the telco central office where our equipment is.


  • Jeremy

    Petaluma coverage is pretty bad. What shocked me the most was when I moved to Petaluma, both Sonic and AT&T didn’t realize I couldn’t get anything but 768kbps until the guy with the AT&T truck rolls out to do a line test. Are the speed maps available for all cities? I would have thought at least Sonic support would have these so that we could have easily trouble-shooted over the phone.

  • Joshua Rodman

    Oakland construction may be complete, but the vast majority of oakland is not covered.

    If you’re moving into a swanky new unit around downtown, you should be good. Probably everything from uptown to Jack London is in some respect in the distance issues.

    However, if you’re east of the lake by any measure, this stuff probably isn’t available for you.

    Dane, are there any actions we can take to highlight or remediate the failure of infrastructure in Oakland? Curently the majority of the city is only served in reasonable (over 256kbit) fashion by Comcast. Even AT&T who are busy blanketing the city with UVerse advertisement, haven’t invested in bringing the data conduits out from the existing 2 central-office spots.

  • Joshua,

    Two of the four Oakland COs are online now, and I believe another (04, if memory serves) is coming online in the next day or two. Coverage continues to expand all around the Bay Area. Last week Lafayette, this next week Oak04 and Martinez.

  • Evan

    Are there any plans to add OKLND13 any time soon? This would cover a significant chunk of the oakland hills, I believe. I’ve been patiently waiting for what seems like two years for the addition of Oak13 for Fusion DSL service, and I’ve instead watched the other three oakland centers all get buildout first.

  • Currently we are building Oak12, bringing us to four of the five Oak wire centers – but Oak13 will not be built in 2010, sorry! It doesn’t have as much density, and thus has been lower on the priority list.

  • CC

    Woo! Martinez! 😀 Is it bad to be addicted to news about your ISP?

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