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We are working on construction of next generation all-fiber optic networks, as the next step after our Fusion Broadband service.  We announced two weeks ago at the Ignite event in Sebastopol that we would be building a residential test network there as the first fiber optic deployment.

For more details on our progress on this project, please read the Press Democrat article which was published this weekend.

The primary driver for deployment will be customer interest. We have not set the thresholds at this time, but we will deploy fiber optics in each community when a certain percentage of households are on our copper network.

We will be publishing percentages for various communities in the next few months so that you can spread the word and gauge progress toward fiber construction in your area.

  • For those of you with an interest in our fiber project, you may enjoy this video, where I announced our pilot build, and provided some background on my philosophies about community involvement.


  • Trudy

    I’ve been with Sonic for years, and love everything about it! Responsive to individuals and communities; great tech help; always innovating in a way to help communities. THANKS!! I certainly hope you can get your fiber optics to Cotati SOON!

  • Having worked with Charles Kao in the 80’s I am delighted to see his pioneering work in the development and use of fiber optics in telecommunications become a reality for this community.

  • Nick

    When will you look at doing this in Santa Rosa, by the REI store. This may change my mind of going to U-Verse.

  • I’d be very interested in subscribing to this initial service if it is offered in the 95409 zip code area.

  • Brian Goble

    I’ve been with you pretty much from the start.
    Please provide me an opportunity to receive broadband. Dial-up doesn’t cut it in the 21st century. Bounce it to me, get the Fire Station antenna up on 116, piggyback off the fiber on Green Valley Rd., or something, please!
    Pretty please!

  • Joy Camilli

    I have had Sonic internet service for over 10 years now. I just renewed my yearly subscription and was surprised to find that your prices have increased. In this time of economic resession I find this a little hard to justify. Can you please explain why the increase of $5.00 per month. I need to understand to accept it.

  • Eugene

    Looking forward to it.

  • Alexandra Hart

    Does this mean that will be able to serve areas of Sebastopol that cannot at this time use your services directly? (I pay a low monthly fee to keep my address, but can’t use you as a carrier.)

  • I’m greatly anticipating Fiber, but will it make it out to Rincon Valley I feel the urge to ask? Our DSL is great when up and running, but the modem requires rebooting at least twice a day to keep the wireless network functioning, and so something more robust would be welcome.

  • Carl Myers

    How do we keep informed on your progress, specifically to the area West of Occidental?

  • Everett

    I am in the Burbank Gardens neigborhood two blocks from Sonoma Ave. and currently have Fusion 12 MB. Bring fiber I will sign up as I have DSL and Fusion in the past. Finally there is now some competion with Comcast, AT&T, and sattelite!

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  • For those interested in this topic, I’ve posted another item, with some further info on fiber:


  • John

    If owners of existing fiber infrastructure are required to give Sonic access over their system, please consider San Mateo as a possible test site. RCN, now Astound here, put in a fiber backbone several years ago.

    Looking forward to the upcoming deployment of Fusion here.

  • Timothy Tai

    Way to go!!! Congratulations on being the first to roll out fiber-to-the-home in the nation! Please hurry and come down to SF! I’ve been a subscriber for about a decade now!

  • Adam

    ATT has announced fiber is complete in my area of San Jose, does this mean Sonic can provide the install and ISP via ATT physical lines, like they do through DSL currently?

  • Adam,

    No, providers in the US do not share fiber with each other.


  • jernewm

    Glad you picked Sebastopol to start with. I’ll be on the watch to sign up when you get the system operational here.

  • Bill

    If fiber was available in Larkspur I’d sign up for Fusion in a heartbeat; Sonic is the best!

  • Mario

    Dane Jasper please don’t use the copper wire threshold as guage to implementing fiber. Lots of areas are not utilizing copper wire because they are beyond the distance for adequate high speed service. Looking forward to this though.

  • david



    when will the flat rate fusion services start and what is the fees, i have 30/2 now. will the
    price increase or decrease?


  • Tom

    I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting online this past week. 3 days in a row I called sonic support and spoke to people who understood everything I said, including a trip I had to make to the “city” so I wouldn’t be home for a return call. Before Sonic I had Earthlink. When I had trouble I was talking to someone in India that had no idea what I was talking about. YAAAY Sonic !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jim

    I love it.

    I remember my first trip to China, April 2002. All my family members had internet service, 100M, fiber….. (April, 2002, Xian China). Visiting my nephew in Tokyo, Jan, 2008. He had 1G in his appartment and when you made the currency conversion he paid the same price as my 1.3M DSL service. Hmmm… it was an opening of the eyes.

    String that fiber YES! Yea, I know it will be a while.

  • marilyn richards

    i am getting back to you about when the fiber option will be available in windsor.

  • Eric

    Any update on when you might offer this to Fusion customers in Santa Rosa?

  • Eric,

    Fiber roll out will be targeted toward areas with the highest density of Fusion customers. Tell a neighbor!


  • Freddy

    I am interested in fiber in Walnut Creek…let me know when it is ready and I’ll sign up on the spot! Long time customer….

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  • Marty

    I will take regular fusion in Walnut Creek. When is that going to be offered? I’m stuck on a 4 megabit connection…

  • Anonymous

    Fusion is available in Walnut Creek today. Note though that Fusion
    doesn’t reach every household or business premise in a market area, it
    is limited by distance. You can check availability and get details


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  • Genny Engel

    What does “on our copper network” mean?  Does it include those of us with AT&T landlines and branded DSL?  Because, obviously, we would switch over to Fusion.

  • Anonymous

    “On our copper network” would refer to Fusion. If you’re on the AT&T line-shared product, you may be eligible to switch over, depending upon your location. You can determine this here: