Fusion Broadband + Phone Price Drops Again

We just dropped the price of our Fusion Broadband + Phone service for residential customers! Previously $50.00, Fusion Broadband + Phone is now priced at just $39.95!

This is an unbeatable deal for Broadband at up to 20Mbps plus land line voice with unlimited nationwide calling. If you’re not already a Fusion Broadband + Phone customer, you can check for service availability here.

Two line residential Fusion (up to 40Mbps and two phone lines) has also dropped, from $100.00 to $79.95. Sonic.net has reduced Fusion prices twice before, opposing the trend of annual price increases by other carriers.

Existing customers will automatically see the new rate reflected in their bill shortly. We appreciate your selection of Fusion at the $50.00 rate, and I know you’ll like it even more at $39.95.

This is part of our commitment to continue to improve our flagship Fusion service. We would certainly appreciate it very much if you’d tell your friends (online and offline), neighbors, blog readers, Yelp/DSLReports reviews, etc. Your positive endorsement is the best way for us to grow. As you can see, we’re passing along cost savings as rate reductions to you!

This new rate applies to Fusion Broadband + Phone. If you have a Fusion “Standalone” service that doesn’t have voice, you can retain that product at your current rate. If you would like to take advantage of the new rate, you will need to activate voice. If you’d like to do this, please call us now to start the process. You can reach our customer service group at 707-547-3400.

We have decided not to add voice automatically for all customers for a number of reasons. First, we can port a number from another carrier for you, or let you choose a new telephone number, and we would like you to make this choice. Second, there are taxes and fees associated with voice, and we’d like to assure you understand them. Estimated voice tax and fee information is available, listed by city. Third, Fusion Broadband + Phone requires a credit, debit or pre-paid debit card for payment, so we need to collect that information if we do not already have it. Finally, and most important, we must validate that your physical address is accepted by the 911 system when we activate voice.

I’m very happy to see the customer excitement about our Fusion product. I really appreciate everyone’s positive feedback and the great reception we have had for the service. Thank you! Please spread the word.

  • Eric Levy

    Thank you Dane & Company for the price drop!!
    I’ve got the dual-line Fusion service for a little over 2 months now, and have enjoyed the service tweaks and the speeds ever since. VALUE is why I made the switch to Fusion, and MORE VALUE is what I’m getting now. Since 2002 I’ve been happy with Sonic.net, and I’m even happier now.

  • CL

    When will it be available in West San Jose/Cupertino? I am waiting re-join sonic from comcast.

  • Mike

    I’m very happy for your customers that can get this. Meanwhile, I’m paying $45/month for 6Mb down Sonic Fusion service. Not fair.

  • Mike, if you’ve got Fusion today, just call us and we’ll get voice activated, uncap your loop, and reduce your rate.


  • Calvin,

    We’ve got most of the South Bay built out, but some San Jose and Sunnyvale offices are still under construction. Register your interest via the signup form, and we’ll let you know if/when we can reach you!


  • CL


    I have registered my interested via the signup form for quite some time. I want to see some insider insight for the ETA. 🙂 I recall there was some blog post mentioned ETA end of 2010.

  • Calvin,

    Email me your address, and if you have one, current tel number, and I can give you an update. =) dane at sonic.net


  • Mike


    Yes, I’ve been paying for Fusion for the last year. Unfortunately, Support tells me that 6Mb down is the best I can get, and it took them several weeks last year for me to get that. Then my service died a couple of months ago for reasons that where never determined, and Support switched me from ADSL2+ to ADSL to run some tests, and left me there when my service started working again a few days later. I don’t think getting voice activated is an option.

  • Mike,

    If you’re on Fusion, we can turn on voice – if we had to make your circuit ADSL1 instead of ADSL2+ for stability, that’s just the data portion. The voice is separate.


  • Kent

    I want Fusion in Hayward/Castro Valley

  • Kent,

    Fusion is available in Hayward and Castro Valley today. However, it is limited to areas roughly South of Somerset Ave.


  • Kent

    That street runs roughly east/west. South of there would run into i580.
    I am both south of that street on the other side of the freeway and east up the hill. I would be on the east side of Center Street. This is the area called Fairview, which is not either in Hayward or Castro Valley but is sandwiched between the two. I am served by a Hayward CO.

  • Kent, looking at the map, I don’t see how we wouldn’t be covering the area you describe now. Email me your address, dane @ sonic.net. Thanks!


  • Tomasz

    I love the way you do business, Sonic.

  • Eric

    Fantastic. Thanks for taking care of your existing customers! I’m loving my new Fusion service.

  • Dave Hartzell

    Wow, Fusion just keeps getting better, and Sonic support continues to impress! Thanks for all you offer, it is the BEST value in ISP today!

  • CC

    I will now be paying less than I did with AT&T. Thanks!

  • Bob

    Been a Sonic home customer for eight years now. Have no complaints, except for Fusion availability in my Napa neighborhood.

    As a networking professional, have seen every way possible for ISPs big and small to screw up. Gratifying to see Sonic dodge all these and thrive. Thanks for the great service

    Unfortunately, I need an upgrade path soon from my DSL Elite service. What have you got for me? The alternative of Comcast or U-verse isn’t much of a choice.

  • Dave C.

    This is truly incredible. It’s a great product, and offering the price drop to existing customers without a contract or contract renewal shows a level of integrity and customer service that’s hard to find with telecommunications providers. Thank you.

  • Sakthi

    When will Fusion be available in Union City. I’ve signed up for notification but would like to get more info.

  • Dave

    A friend mentioned today the ADSL prices went down, so I called customer service to get my price dropped. I was told that was impossible, even though I’ve done it a couple times before. I said I’d have to switch to AT&T because it’s half the price. She simply said, “Okay.”

    Now I find out I can get ADSL2+ for my current rate, with no mention from the representative. I’m not a fan of up-selling, but this seems basic.

    I find the experience odd given my past experience with Sonic.

    Also, what are the details regarding the phone line? Is it VOIP?

    Do the ‘modems’ include filter(s)?

    Thanks for any feedback you can provide, Dane.

  • Sakthi,

    We cover the East side of Union city today. If you’re West of Alvarado Niles, I’m afraid you’ll be too far for us to reach with Fusion. I’m sorry!

  • Dave,

    If you are in an area where Fusion is available, that’s certainly your best value. On the AT&T line shared product, we can’t match our own intro rates for in-service customers, unfortunately.

    The voice with Fusion is land line POTS – normal voice service. This makes switching really easy, because all your existing phones and wiring simply work, and we port over your telephone number for a seamless transition.

    The modem is a kit, yes, with filters.


  • Bob,

    I wish I had an upgrade for you. We’ve got Fusion in Napa, but you need to be within about 2.5 miles of the downtown CO to obtain it. Sorry!


  • Graham Freeman

    Unilateral 20% price drop on the service I was already really happy with? Go ahead, twist my arm!

    Recommend to others? I always do, and if you keep this up, I always will!

    Similar to what others have said, my chief complaint is that Fusion can’t reach all of my family members. Nor can my CPE make espresso, as far as I can tell.

  • Graham Freeman

    Hang on… I just read that voice service is no longer optional with Fusion? With the no-longer-optional fees+taxes, that makes the actual pricing ~$50/mo or ~$100/mo, depending on bonded or not. Y’all are still great, but please stick to advertising true prices. 🙁


  • AJ

    here is the issue to me. i need an isp providing 3-6. only internet. not a bundle, package or fusion for under 35/mo. can you do this sonic? to clarify. only internet service dsl dynamic. will you support magic jack. zip is 95403 between windsor and larkfield. thank you.

  • AJ,

    No, I don’t think we have a product that would fit your needs. Our AT&T line shared DSL services require an AT&T voice line, which adds to the cost, and our Fusion service is above the budget at $39.95 plus about $9 in taxes and fees. (Fusion may also not be available where you are, it’s limited to a couple miles around the Windsor town green.)


  • morgantor

    YAY Sonic… AT&T you can go pound sand!

  • Bruce

    Thank you Dane and the tireless Sonic.net staff for the price drop and everything else that all of you do.

    I hope this price drop will bring in new business and retain existing business. I am satisfied with my current DL speed (5 down/1 up).

  • another Mike

    How does one order standalone Fusion? I don’t see it offered on the website.

    To quote your September 9 blog post: “Heck, I wouldn’t pay $15 for [landline voice], and nor should you!” Well I wouldn’t pay $11/month in taxes for it either.

    I also don’t have a “credit, debit or pre-paid debit card” that you seem to be requiring for voice service. AT&T doesn’t even require that.

  • another Mike,

    We no longer offer Fusion standalone. The product has undergone a number of evolutions over the last year or so, from a tiered service, to a flat rate service, and now a bundled service. As each of these changes have occurred, pricing has been adjusted downward. To give one example, Fusion standalone was $50 even, and now Fusion Broadband + Phone is $39.95 (plus the taxes and fees, which average a bit over $9.) You’re correct that it is basically an even swap, give or take a dollar or so depending upon where you live.

    To provide some background on why automated payment processing is required, here’s a bit more data:

    Automated billing reduces costs and allows us to provide the best possible price. We pass those savings on to customers in the form of the most aggressive priced voice+data produce on the market. This product would not be priced as well as it is without complete automation.

    Fusion includes voice, which means there are taxes and fees, as noted above. These taxes and fees change as local, state and federal entities make adjustments, resulting in minor variability in the monthly cost. Automated billing assures we collect correctly and on time.

    Voice also which means the potential for usage minutes. In the case of residential, this would be international calling for example, and we need the ability to clear those costs to a payment method shortly after they are incurred.

    You might consider using a pre-loaded debit card as your automated payment method. This would allow you to load or transfer funds when you are ready to, avoiding any risks that we’d overdraw a bank account (which can result in large fees from most banks!)

    For info on prepaid debit cards, search online, and be sure to select one with no fees. One that I know we have a number of customers using is available at no charge from Walmart: http://www.walmartmoneycard.com/

  • Any news on ETA for fusion availability for Oakland hills?


  • Patricia,

    I know they will be building that CO in the New Year, but it will be a number of months. You can register your interest via the signup qualification tool and we will contact you via email if/when we can reach your location.


  • Will I be able to get voice service on my (near-broadband speed) Fusion line in San Francisco? (I am at the end of a terrible loop and get 4mbps unless it is raining. The dry loop service is much better than the DSL that used my POTS line!)

  • Thomas,

    Yes, just call support and we will change your configuration from legacy data only, to the new standard Fusion Broadband + Phone service. We can port a number, or assign you a new one. We’ll re-price the circuit to the new $39.95 rate (plus voice taxes & fees), and uncap the speed (though this won’t change anything for you. Note that an automated payment method (credit or debit card) is required for Fusion Broadband + Phone.


  • Jonathan Hong

    Hi Dane,

    Really interested in your Fusion product offering but sadly, I’m too far away from the CO it looks like. Any idea if Fusion availability will hit Moraga? Zip code is 94556 off of Ivy Drive. Thanks!

  • SJ

    What is the average speed I could obtain on single line Fusion service if I am about 13,000 feet from my CO?

  • SJ,

    It’s impossible to determine speed with any accuracy until the service is delivered, as there are many local and wiring plant characteristics that influence performance.

    With Fusion (which offers ADSL2+) you will generally see better performance than with old ADSL1. The closer the distance, the greater the benefit for 2+ will yield. So, at a longer distance like 13,000ft, you’re likely to see speeds that are just a bit better than ADSL1, certainly toward the lower end.

    If you’re comparing to Cable – at a longer distance like that, you are likely to see lower speed with Fusion than Cable could provide. But, on the positive side, Fusion is less than 1/2 the typical cost of Cable. So, if speed is your only concern, buy Cable – if speed is less critical and you’d like to spend a lot less, Fusion would be your best fit.


  • Jonathan,

    Your best bet is to provide your email address in the prequalification form, and we will let you know if and when we build out that area. Looking at the schedule, it’s not on the near term build schedule (next six months), FYI.


  • J

    So recently I had my Fusion service installed and ever since, I have had some disconnections issues. Every once in a while my router would start blinking and it would take several seconds to as much as half a minute to reconnect. Is this a line issue or some sort?

  • J,

    If you’re having any troubles with your line, please do contact support by calling 611 from your Fusion line. We cannot do troubleshooting here in the blog. 🙂


  • Gisela

    Hi Dane,
    sonic.net has been my service provider for many years and I always tell my friends about your great customer service when needed.

    I got excited when I received an email telling me that Fusion Broadband + Phone is available for $39.95 and ordered it online right away.

    The phone is switched and works fine, but I’m confused after my phone call to your technical service the other day about DSL and Broadband.

    I don’t understand all these technical terms but I know that Broadband is much faster then DSL. And more expensive. Am I paying the same price for DSL + phone as people with Broadband + phone?

    Happy New Year,

  • CC


    DSL is a kind of broadband. Pretty much anything that isn’t dial-up is considered broadband in this country.


  • As CC notes, “Broadband” just means any fast Internet connection. Generally speaking, Narrowband refers to dialup, and Broadband to services such as DSL, wireless, cable, satellite, etc.

    We’ve begun to refer to our products as “Broadband” instead of simply DSL because of exactly this sort of customer confusion – we’re hoping that by using a single name that means “fast connection”, the details of the technology used will be less confusing.


  • Arthur

    I’m getting Bonded Fusion installed today. How do I find out whether the change-over was completed? (I haven’t hooked up the DSL portion yet…) Is there a phone number I can call to verify my local phone company and my long distance provider without having to call Sonic.net customer support? Thanks!

  • Arthur,

    Yes, to find out if your voice line has moved to Fusion, you can call 933, which if you are on our network, will read back your phone number and verified 911 address.


  • Arthur

    Thanks, Dane. Both phone lines work! I have lots of phone instruments plugged into one of the lines. The other line (my former Fax+DSL line) has a straight shot to my home office where the DSL modem is. Is it possible to place a splitter filter at the demarc, to split off the DSL from wiring to the many extensions? Then I can feed the DSL of one line along with the Fax+DSL of the other line through the four-wire straight shot to my home office. Then put a second filter on the jack, to split off the fax line from the two-line DSL connection.

    In other words, first, does it work to pass the DSL through two filters instead of one (note that each voice portion will be filtered only once). Second, does it work to filter the whole house’s worth of voice telephones on one line with a single filter at the demarc? Third, can I get a sonic.net technician to come to my house to wire my demarc that way?

    How much is a tech visit charge? Or should I get my own wiring guy to do this? (We’d need a second ADSL2+ splitter anyway.)


  • Arthur,

    Yes, that will work – the filter isn’t used on the DSL side, it’s only used to filter voice devices to prevent them from interfering with the DSL.

    I believe a site visit for an install is $200, or you can have any local phone wiring contractor do the work, it’s pretty straightforward and common work.


  • Griffin B.

    Dane, I have been speaking with Scott D. about Fusion lately, as I am boycotting C–cast.
    I cant wait to hear about availability in NW Santa Rosa! ATT is pushing U-Verse @24Mbps, but is only binding it to TV service on our street )or that is all the sales people will say…)
    I really want to stick with sonic, and hope to have Fusion soon!

  • Chris


    I’ve been a happy DSL (Static IP) customer since 1999. While initially I was ecstatic to discover that Fusion is available, a little more investigation leads me wondering–

    The site says I’m 14,330 feet from the CO. Will I even see *any* speed improvement? Am currently getting about 160K down and 40K up.

    If I can’t count on a significant speed increase, the fact that I would like to keep my single static IP means that the $$$ I save ditching my ATT landline might not make this such a slam dunk….


  • At very long distances, ADSL2+ has minimal gains over ADSL1. One service provider publishes a chart that may be useful, here: http://www.internode.on.net/residential/broadband/adsl/extreme/performance/

    Compare the ADSL1 (blue) section to the ADSL2+ (green), and you’ll see that the large (300%) gains are available for the closest loops, and the improvement declines as a function of distance. At around 12,000ft, the lines nearly converge, and ADSL2+ provides just a tiny amount of speed gain. ADSL2+ does go a little further before tailing off toward zero.

    So, in every instance ADSL2+ is desirable, but customers on very long loops like your should not expect to see large gains.

    The bigger gains in Fusion can come from three things:

    ADSL2+ offers greater upstream speed than ADSL1, allowing for faster uploads. Because upstream spectrum is in the lower frequency ranges, it’s affected less by distance, so even at a location like yours, you may see something like 150% to 200% of your current upstream speed.

    Pair bonding in built into Fusion, allow two lines to be merged together for double the speed. This allows for the delivery of 2x the speed at any distance, for maximum of up to 50Mbps, but in a case like yours where you’re getting a 1.5Mbps sync, you could get 3.0Mbps or so.

    Fusion includes voice, including unlimited nationwide calling for residential users. When you compare the cost of your voice service that your ADSL1 is being delivered on, and it’s capabilities, you may find it’s a better value even if it’s not possible to achieve higher speed.

    Fusion does require a new static IP, and currently the static IP offering on Fusion is a bit pricey at $20/mo, for eight IPs. I’m hopeful that we’ll see additional IP offerings and better pricing in future, but that’s the offering today.


  • Michael S

    Griffin B mentioned waiting for your Fusion Service in NorthWest Santa Rosa. I too am eagerly awaiting this as well (I live off of Pinercrest Drive). Any idea when it might come to our area?

    And yes AT&T was just recently going door-to-door soliciting there U-Verse Fiber Optic Service, but after hearing the sales pitch and the pricing, I decided for the time being to leave my service as AT&T 6 Mips DSL, although this coupled with my phone costs me $90 a month (ouch). So yes as you can imagine, Fusion is what I’d prefer both for speed and cheaper pricing. And I don’t have much use for a TV service, since I mainly stream NetFlix (hence the need for higher bandwidth), or rent DVD’s.

    I’ve already signed up for the Fusion notification service, but it’d also be nice if you guys were to publish a service map with current and projected areas (with projected completion dates).

  • Michael,

    Fusion is served from our local serving offices in each community; in Santa Rosa for example there are two of them. One is down town, on 3rd St, and the other is on Los Alamos Rd. at Hwy 12.

    The range of the product is limited to a couple miles around each local serving office, so unfortunately you won’t see Fusion expand into more suburban areas.

    This is the reason that we are working on Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). For some details, see:


    Until Fiber arrives, our best offering for suburban locations is our legacy AT&T line-shared DSL product.

    If you’re not a Sonic.net customer at this time, consider joining us on that product. You’ll likely save quite a bit by switching. You might also consider reducing your home phone service to measured rate only, and using a VoIP service like Ooma for your outbound calling. These changes may help keep costs in check while awaiting further developments.


  • James Hattori

    I’m glad Fusion is expanding and improving. Unfortunately, when I tried to sign-up (again, thinking there had been upgrades in SF), I was told dubious information about speed and distance to the telco box. I signed-up (again) to see what the speed would test out to be and was told I could cancel with no penalty if the speeds were not as indicated. They weren’t (still marginal at my address — barely decent DSL speed). I asked to cancel. Twice. Yet when I called Juliana in customer service and asked why ALL my payments hadn’t been refunded, she said she’d look into it and call me back. She hasn’t. Not good. I was told it wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) cost me anything, yet Sonic has left me hanging.

  • Hank Roberts

    Just to check — are you ready to change an existing phone number over yet? I held off asking for a change until that’s available, so I’m still auto-paying $50/month plus $20 for IP numbers.

  • Hank,

    Yes, you are welcome to port existing numbers onto legacy Fusion loops now! Just call support at 707-547-3400 to kick this off.

    They will go through the process of validating your porting information, e911 location data, and will uncap and re-price your circuit. Expect your costs to be very similar to the current level, moving to the new unified product reduces the base rate to $39.95 but results in ~$9-$11 in regulatory voice taxes and fees.


  • Flemming Zachariassen

    Hi Dane.

    I am very intersted in the new fusion.net. I am in Forestville on Hwy 116 just beond the rock quries,out of ranges.We have DSL, but I would love more bandwith + the phone service.
    Any plans For expansion in that area?

    On another subject I see we now have WI-FI at the airport. I opeate out of the Gun Club area and the recieption is very poor to non exsting. Any improvement i the future?

    I love your tech support. Keep up the good work.

    Flemming Zahariassen

  • Flemming,

    The technology used by Fusion is ADSL2+, a very fast version of DSL that has limited reach. As a result, it won’t reach the location where you are.

    Bad news also at the airport: our goal is just to cover the terminal area, we don’t have plans to expand WiFi coverage to the hangars, sorry!


  • Griffin

    Is it not possible to run ADSL2+ from RT locations with the necessary upgrades?

  • Igor

    Is Fusion coming to San Ramon?

  • Cyrus

    Hello Dane,

    If I currently have Uverse internet + POTS, can I switch to Fusion broadband + POTS? Up to 20 Mbps with POTS at $40/month is quite attractive!

    I’m in Cupertino & had 1.5 Mbps DSL & then “upgraded” to 3 Mbps Uverse internet + TV. I called to inquire about switching back to DSL & was told that only 768 Kbps DSL was available after the wiring change to bring in Uverse service.

  • Griffin

    AT&T is using a different protocol for uverse Internet service than sonic is using for Fusion.
    Check your address with the availability tool @ http://www.sonic.net to see if you are covered.
    I found I could get uverse at my location, with decent speed, however the price was rediculous and I am somewhat loyal to sonic. I have good “legacy” dsl at my home @6Mbps that has been great.

  • Cyrus, generally speaking Fusion is available in areas that UVerse is not. While Fusion is delivered from the Central Office (CO) itself, and is thus a more downtown/metro product, UVerse is delivered from cabinets in neighborhoods, so it’s a more suburban product. You can check for Fusion availability at your specific site here: http://sonic.net/fusion/


  • Igor

    Dear Dane

    Your Fusion product sounds fantastic, but I am at the distance of almost 14000 feet from CO in San Francisco. I have AT&T Pro with 3.0 Mb/s download now (actually about 2.3 Mb/s). My question is: if I switched to Fusion and DSL speed would be much lower — can I just cancel the service and switch back to AT&T?

  • Igor,

    At a long distance like this you can expect very similar performance from Fusion’s ADSL2+ as you’re seeing from the older ADSL1 technology you are on today. It might be the same, or a tiny bit faster, but don’t expect a big speed increase.

    Of course, Fusion has no term commit, so you can always switch back to your old provider.


  • stephen kurtzman

    Any word on a date for San Jose getting Fusion?

  • @stephen,

    All eight of the San Jose COs that we are building are online today. San Jose is not very dense though, so many households are simply too far away from the central offices, and are served by remote terminals which do not offer Fusion. (The only San Jose CO we are not building is SNJSCA22, a tiny CO down off Baily.)


  • Torsten

    @Cyrus and @Dane,

    regarding your comments on switching from AT&T u-verse I can tell you from first hand experience that it doesn’t seem to be as simple. I had put in my work order online at Sonic.net about two weeks ago and was scheduled to be switched over last Tuesday (Feb 8, 2011) and now my phone line doesn’t work (can’t receive incoming calls) and my DSL is still non-existend (modem doesn’t pickup a signal). Apparently the provisioning runs into errors each time. Now there’s the 3rd or 4th work order put into AT&T by Sonic.net, but that doesn’t help me. Issue still hasn’t been resolved…

    So if you’re a U-verse customer I would advise you to reconsider switching or at least hold off until Sonic.net is able to actually manage such a switch appropriately.

    – Torsten

  • SanJose_uverse

    I just switched over from a Uverse connection; here’s my feedback to Sonic and hopefully will help others in their decision to switch to Fusion or not. This is long – sorry!

    First, you need to know and understand how your internal wiring is set up. When I originally got my Uverse, I worked closely with the AT&T techs to layout the wiring and have a separate “data” line with the voice lines coming out of the VDLS2 splitter. I simply unplugged my Uverse RG and plugged my ADSL2+ modem in and had DSL sync AND voice working right away.

    BUT, at first no IP packets were flowing and it took a while to debug that with Sonic on the phone. The ADSL sync rate is: 14.75 Mbps downstream and 375 kbps upstream. So the upstream really sucks and Sonic is still working with AT&T to resolve the issue. Those sync rates translate to roughly speedtest results of ~10.5 Mbps down and 300 kbps up. For comparison, with Uverse (Max) I consistently got 11.5 Mbps down and 1.4 Mbps – a huge difference!

    Sonic needs to qualify each line that it gets from AT&T before declaring all OK and letting the customer deal with issues, if any, after the fact. It could save all concerned a lot of time and trouble; in my case the AT&T tech that came out to do the switch was extremely competent and friendly; he made the switch and came back to check if everything was working and waited until I was able to contact Sonic; however, Sonic dropped the ball and let the tech go without first ensuring everything was working! Big mistake!!!

  • Binu

    Any idea when you will be heading towards the Sacramento area?

  • @binu,

    We will be wrapping up Sacramento area offices in the second half of this year.


  • SanJose_uverse

    An update on my new Fusion install.

    AT&T came by yesterday and removed the VDSL2 splitter from my NID; Sonic provided me a splitter and filters for use with my phones. DSL sync rates immediately jumped to ~15Mbps down and ~1.2Mbps upstream! Great news!

    Today I called to thank Sonic for fixing my speed issues and to my great surprise was told that my line was capped at 15 Mbps downstream; the tech took care of uncapping the line and downstream jumped to ~18Mbps downstream – upstream still around ~1.2Mbps. Awesome!

    I decided to try out Annex M – my downstream sync rate dropped to around 10 Mbps and upstream went up to around 2 Mbps. Not sure the gain in upstream is worth the loss in downstream; will play with it for a few more days and see.

    I’m real pleased with the service and the speed. Way to go Sonic – great job!

    Get ready for several new customers as I’m trying to get many folks in our neighborhood to switch!

  • gnahc79

    I just switched from Uverse to sonic.net and it took the sonic tech only 10 min to get everything up and running. Provisioning took 2 days from submitting the sonic order online. The sonic tech arrived the day after provisioning was complete.

  • Hank Roberts

    Well, it’s a long shot, but any chance you could provide this?

    “NASA Television Now in HD
    NASA TV now has a full-time HD Channel available at no cost to cable and satellite service providers. Live coverage of space shuttle missions, on-orbit video of Earth captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and rocket launches of advanced scientific spacecraft are among the programming offered on NASA HD. Also available are imagery from NASA’s vast array of space satellites, as well as media briefings, presentations by expert lecturers, astronaut interviews and other special events, all in the improved detail and clarity of high-definition…..”

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have any specific near-term plans, but TV over Fusion is something we have been experimenting with in our lab.

  • Anonymous

    OK, may I plea that you experiment with the NASA HD feed — see what your own staff think of having it, see if they like watching it — and consider letting some of us out here test it for you?

    If you say offered NASA’s feed only on the 2-line Fusion deal, I’d switch to the 2-line immediately.

  • Anonymous

    One possibility that we are considering is adding video feeds in SD to the single line Fusion service, and in HD to the dual-line. But, this is all just in the lab for now, it’s a long way away from delivery, so just FYI.

  • Jeff Bollini


    I live in SJ and my service is delivered through a remote terminal, thus I am presently unable to sign up for Fusion service. I provided my email address via sonic.net website to be notified if/when the service does become available.

    Will I be holding my breath for a very long time? Or does sonic.net have plans (heck, any plan is better than no plan) to provide Fusion to residences behind remote terminals?


  • Anonymous


    We do not have plans to deliver Fusion DSL out of remote terminals, instead we are skipping that technology (fiber to the node) and going all the way to FTTH (fiber to the home.) The first construction bid was just awarded for our pilot in Sebastopol, so we’re making progress.

    It is however a very long horizon project, so don’t hold your breath!


  • Any news on a timeline for fusion for the Oakland hills?

  • Anonymous

    @Ternahan, we are adding the OKLDCA13 CO very soon – next few weeks.


  • Ram

    Is thi service available in Cupertino area (near Apple offices)?

  • Anonymous

    Service is available throughout the greater Bay Area – but is limited
    by distance. Check for availability at your specific site by address
    or phone number at http://sonic.net/fusion/


  •  Any chance that fusion will be available in Santa Cruz or Livermore?

  • cosmo

    Now (6/4/2011) available in Santa Cruz. Cruzio will be taking over in a month or so I am told but you may not get the same deal.

  • Anonymous

    Fusion is coming to Santa Cruz soon, but will not be offered by
    Sonic.net, we plan to partner with a local ISP in the region.


  • kdepasquale

    Ah, I’m guessing Cruzio then.  Thanks so much for the reply!  I am excited to finally have the opportunity to switch away from AT&T.

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  • Brian C

    Is fusion going to be in san ramon any time soon?

  • Anonymous

    No plans for San Ramon, sorry!


  • Brandon Smith

    im just over 13,000 feet for sonic in Santa rosa and i was just wondering what kind of internet speed i would be looking at ..

  • Anonymous

    It’s not possible to estimate speed with any accuracy, but at a longer
    distance like this you can guess that it’ll be toward the lower end, likely
    1.5 to 5Mbps. If you’ve got DSL today, note that it will be faster than what
    you’ve got! =)


  • Hienpham

    I recently helped a friend to switch to Fusion in Milpitas as the webiste says FUSION is available for their area. Well, two months after, I visited them again and realized they have been getting speed of about 1M/1M. They thought it was their computers that are slow. I then called tech support and the technician said the line was somehow capped. He fixed it and we then got about 5.6M/1M … I complained: “You promised us 20” and the reply was something like: It’s up to 20, and ordering online is different from ordering by calling in. I don’t get that part.

    Oh well, it’s comparable to ATT, but I guess at least I helped my friend to reduce the phone charge every month as they fax things out a lot to places in US.

  • Anonymous

    I am out of the office until Tuesday July 12th.

    In my absence, please contact the following staff for assistance:

    Support and Customer Service, Eli Caul, eli.caul@corp.sonic.net
    Accounting: Nicki Schneider, nicki@corp.sonic.net
    Enterprise Sales: Mark Loher, mloher@corp.sonic.net
    Systems administration: Kelsey Cummings, kgc@corp.sonic.net
    Network admin and telco/carrier: Nathan Patrick, npatrick@corp.sonic.net
    HR and General administration, Jen Codarre, jen@corp.sonic.net

    Everyone can also be reached at 707-522-1000.

    Thank you!

    Dane Jasper Sonic.net, Inc.
    (707)522-1000 http://www.sonic.net/

  • Tooterturtle

    Hoping for service to Clayton someday 🙂

  • I have Uverse and I just had Fusion installed (Palo Alto) with almost no problems. Most of the mixups were with AT&T.

    When I first ordered the service, AT&T had to come out do some work. First, the AT&T technician disconnected my Uverse and also, we found out later that he didn’t pull the second ADSL line. Apparently, the Uverse line doesn’t have a normal signal on it and he thought it was dead. When Sonic came out to do the install, the Sonic tech found the issue. So, Sonic called AT&T again. They came out and installed the second line and the Sonic tech came out again and installed Fusion.

    It took about 20 minutes. BTW, the Sonic tech also disconnected Uverse – same reason as above.I want to port my number and cancel Uverse internet and phone, but keep the TV.I left Sonic 3 years ago for Uverse and I am so excited to be back.I am about 5K feet from the CO, and I am getting 20Mbps down and about 2Mbps up.

  • Kikoku

    we feel like we have to go from Sonic DSL to ATT Uverse because we are in Saratoga and there is no firm date for SONIC FUSION to be in Saratoga.
    How long should we wait for FUSION to come to Saratoga? (Saratoga Ave & Cox Ave) 

  • Anonymous


    Saratoga is served by a central office that is rather far away, at 6245 Dial Way in San Jose. As a result, it’s too far for Fusion service. Sorry.

    This limitation of Fusion is one major reason we are working to build Fiber-to-the-home. Optical delivery escapes the distance limits that copper services have. But, that’s a big and long term set of projects. Sticking with Sonic.net does support those efforts though, so I’d hate to see you go!