TWiT Triangulation interview with Dane Jasper

I did an interview with the TWiT folks a few weeks ago, you can watch it here. We touched on topics from history to broadband competition, FTTH, net neutrality and IPv6.

Watch the interview:

Hosts:Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt
Building better broadband with Dane Jasper co-founder and CEO of

  • Dave

    Great job Dane!

  • Graham Freeman

    What’s the ETA on IPv6 for Fusion & Flexlink? (1hr video = not searchable; sorry 🙂 )

  • Anonymous


    We offer IPv6 tunnels today, but do not have a defined timeframe for native/dual stack IPv6 on Fusion and FlexLink.


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  • This was insanely great!

  • Anonymous

    Dane seems like a really nice guy, it’s a pity that Tom asks such stupid questions.

  • Jhw

    So, what *are* you planning to do when you need more IP addresses and ARIN doesn’t have any more to give out? Buy them on eBay? [Rubs hands together.]

  • Robert Shaftoe

    Very interesting about the fiber to households!

    It would have been nice to hear about ANNEX-M on your new ADSL2+, Basically, allowing you to trade-in a bit of downstream bandwidth for some more upstream bandwidth.

  • Anonymous

    We provide Annex M today, you can find some details here:


  • Robert Shaftoe

    This is really an excellent offering. Today the DSL router is arriving. I’m totally stoked about switching over to!!!

    And by the way Dane, having LINUX on your license plate is VERY cool! When I saw that I realized I really made the right decision. 🙂

  • Abel

    It is amazing how well Sonic.Net has done. I used to work for AccessPort and I remember meeting Dane once.

  • Dilbert

    Leo – Windows 95 had a full TCP/IP stack in the very first release. No additional IP stack was required to connect to an ISP via dialup. You’re thinking of Windows 3.1 which needed Trumpet Winsock or some alternate stack.