How do you access the lowest international calling rates?

On’s Fusion Broadband + Phone service, the international rates are about average. They’re decent rates, but certainly not the lowest you can find. The reason for this is that our amount of customer international calling is still pretty low. As the usage continues to grow, we will shop rates around and expect reduce them over time.

Meanwhile, some customers have pointed out that our rates are higher than Skype, to which I’ve said, “cool, you can use Skype”.

But, using Skype wasn’t easy from a land line, you had to use your PC. Now, they’ve got a solution for that: Skype To Go.

Skype To Go creates a call-in number in the US for your international contact, allowing you to use free residential Fusion domestic calling to access Skype low international rates. Slick! Note that with Fusion you can also use other international options including pre-paid calling cards which have a toll-free access number.

Obviously, encouraging customers to shop their international calling around goes against the goal of increasing usage so that we can all get better rates. But, for those who are cost conscious and who do a lot of calling to family, friends or business contacts, you might as well find the best rate, while enjoying the reliable high quality landline service that Fusion provides!

  • Erma Arguete

    Hi there! Im also using Skype with regards to pc using. But my friend introduced me on a cheaper prepaid card which is voxcall.

    Erma Arguete,
    Best International Calling Cards

  • Beatrice Raz Hyun

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  • Anonymous

    How do you *really* access the lowest international calling rates?

    Unfortunately not by using either company. I’d suggest a real VoIP provider instead, e.g:

    Furthermore, unlike again Sonic or Skype, the above VoIP providers and most others use SIP, which you can also directly use from your Nokia/Android/iPhone/Blackberry or a cheap dedicated VoIP phone (e.g Grandstream) — without the hassle of first dialing in an access number or whatever.

  • Vitaly Krugl Web

    Before switching to, I used to be able to make discounted international landline calls ($0.03/minute) to Russia, Mexico, etc. by prefixing my destination numbers with 1019898.  However, after switching to, the 1019898 service stopped working: 1019898-based calls don’t connect and other family members from out-of-state who want to call me via 1019898 can’t reach me either.  FYI.


  • Anonymous

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