offers free FaxLine service

FaxLine delivers PDF to email

Announcing the availability of FaxLine, our new fax to email and fax sending feature.

Now, at no additional cost, Internet access customers can get their own FaxLine number from Received faxes are sent via email as standard PDF files—easy to print, store, and forward. If receiving faxes is useful to you, just visit the FaxLine Member Tool to set up your new fax number.

You can send faxes now too. To send a fax, just create a PDF file and use our Send a FAX Member Tool to upload and send. (You don’t need to set up a FaxLine recieving number if you are only sending faxes.) Most software will save or export as PDF, but if your source material is paper, you will need a scanner; I recommend the Fujitsu ScanSnap. When you send a fax, you will receive transmission confirmation via email, plus there’s a log of transmitted faxes in the tool for your records.

Questions about FaxLine? It’s one of our new beta “Labs” features, so please see the Labs section of the Forums for questions, suggestions and discussion.

Our team is always working to improve our services, and I hope you find FaxLine to be a useful new feature!

Fax is pretty retro, so we’d love to hear what you might use it for. Visit our Facebook page and tell us!


Dane Jasper
CEO & Co-Founder

P.S.: For offices needing a Fax number for each staff member, you can add multiple FaxLines for a monthly fee. See the FaxLine tool for details.

  • Most recently, I tried getting an unlock code for a 1-year-old AT&T PAYG phone, on which the original account has long expired, but I still had the receipt and a new active SIM card from, well, AT&T themselves.  So, they told me that I have to fax them some stuff over, with no option whatsoever about email, web or anything other than fax!  Funny thing is, I even bought the original phone from an AT&T store, so, had all their own receipt numbers and stuff; still, they’ll only accept a Fax!

    Nice retro tool, Dane! 🙂

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