Goes International’s Fusion Broadband+Phone service is moving into the next phase of expansion:

Free international calling!

To kick off, we announced this week that our most frequently called country, Canada, will be our first free international destination for Fusion residential customers. Business Fusion customers can now call Canada for their domestic rate, just a penny a minute. See my recent article, “O Canada” (yeah, I know, it’s corny) for limitations and all of the details.

This is an exciting new capability for our Fusion broadband and home phone service, and I am really looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to this new feature.

Let us know in the comments, where would you like to be able to call free?

We will add more destinations soon, and the long-term plan is that calling to most countries will be free. Growth in our Fusion customer quantity will determine how quickly this will occur. So, tell your friends about Fusion!

"Anticipation" -- © Robert S. Donovan -- Flickr/booleansplit

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  • Woody Purdy

    The world is ours!

  • Parker

    This is awesome. I’d love to be able to call Spain for free.

  • Australia

  • Anonymous


  • Joseph Duncan

    I’d also love to be able to call Australia!

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  • Randolf Klein


  • Ashutosh Gaur

    Add India and you’ll get a sizable Bay Area population switching over from Vonage.

  • sonic_sanjose

    Another vote for India!

  • sonicfan


  • Ian S

    Me too please!

  • Matt

    Yes, ENGLAND!!

  • The actual cost of using VoIP backhaul, like Vonage does to calls to Japan, India, 99% of Europe, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand is extremely cheap as the days pass. I vote for these countries to be included next. Actually, Id like to call my relatives in Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK first! 

  • Chris Murray

     France, s’il vous plait

  • ravendra

    Yes! Agreed!

  • Natalie

    Japan please!

  • Arthur

    Israel, please.

  • jh

    Japan. (Indonesia would be great for me but it’s an unrealistic priority.)

  • Rob Cunningham

    Given that we are in CA, I would say Mexico is the next logical place.

  • Francois


  • Genia

    Hi.  I’d love to see Germany on your “Free Calling” list.  Thanks for your
    consideration–we have quite a few relatives and friends there.

  • Ybyu2


  • Sonicfan


  • Anil


  • Kit

    Brazil please!

  • Liucougar

    China please

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