Sebastopol Fiber Update

Residents in Sebastopol have been noticing our construction crews in the area over the last few weeks, so we can’t keep it a secret much longer: Fiber coverage is expanding!

With the first phase of construction complete and online today, we’ve got customers enjoying both 100Mbps and Gigabit speeds today. Wondering what it’s like? Read Discovery News’s recent article Surfing at a Billion Bits per Second to get an idea about what the customers there are experiencing.

Wondering what’s next?

We have decided to expand coverage further in Sebastopol in order to bring this super fast broadband service to even more of our Fusion customers. Curious about where we’re expanding? Click the map for details on the current build-out phase, which is placed and now pending Fiber splicing, and to see the next coverage zone which is currently in engineering.

Want to bring Fiber to your city?

We are prioritizing our Fiber build-out efforts on communities where we see very high uptake of our Fusion Broadband+Phone service. (Sebastopol was our most enthusiastic community, with nearly 30% of homes opting for Fusion service.) So – sign up for Fusion, the fastest copper broadband product we can deliver today, and you are helping move forward our efforts to bring Fiber to additional communities.

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  • Allenc4050

    On week two in Rincon Valley. Finally turned in my comcast equipment. Having a great time!

  • Mythgard

    What are the bright yellow areas that are spotted around the map?

  • Anonymous

    Yellow is the total city limits. We do not currently plan to build these sections. The areas we currently plan to reach are green (currently online), purple (pending splicing) and blue (engineering design.)

  • Curious

    I hope your roll out of 1 gig fiber service succeeds in a very big way, but I don’t understand the economics. I have read that Sonic says it can connect a home for under $500 in capex and run aerial fiber down the street at under $3/linear foot. For homes with just a 50 ft front the street fiber cost is close to $150 before you get to the cost of connection boxes, the line to the home, the 1 gig switch, the labor to install the 1 gig switch, putting a couple of outlets in the home, etc. An 8 port 1 gig switch alone runs about $230. You obviously have worked all this out carefully, so what am I missing?

  • Noah

    It almost makes me cry, being just 2 blocks away from future fiber (I live in yellow). 🙁

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  • Dana

    Will the build out be any advantage to those of us just beyond the limits? If my speed is determined by my distance from the downtown switch, will the new fiber perhaps replace some of the current copper and maybe provide a little boost? I’m just off Sparks, South of town.

  • Anonymous

    No, the infrastructure is distinct.


  • Dana


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  • Webb

    I’m only a few blocks away from’s office and I can’t get the fusion service?  Why can’t you service the area near your office, it doesn’t make any sense to me if you are so close.  Why can’t you even just put up a high speed broadband antenna on your roof and direct it towards our neighborhood or something?  This neighborhood is so new, they put conduits in the ground all the way to our homes so you could run fiber without digging up the streets, at least that is what they told us when we had the homes built back in 1998, they were planning for the future and that is one reason I bought the home, but I still can’t get your fusion service.  I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and it pains me to think that I may have to go to another provider for faster service when I am so close to your office.  The Bellvue Ranch development and Elsie Allen High School area wants greater then 5 mbps!  We are so close, I could almost run an extension cord to your office.  Dane, we are waiting and ready to pay for the service, please bring it soon!!!

  • loyal_customer

    yea Dane, what are we missing besides the fast service?
    I don’t want to wait anymore, please try to think of a creative solution to roll out this service to our area.  If you need me to sign a contract so you are guaranteed to recover the costs of the install, consider the deal closed, I have already given you well over 10 years of being a loyal customer, now it’s time for you to show us what you can do, we are counting on you to make Santa Rosa the fastest city in the USA.  I would even consider working for you if your or I thought it could help.  Drop me a line, I’d be happy to help in any way possible!

  • Screamapillar

    Do you plan on expanding your service out to other states such as here in the midwest? Mayo Clinic and IBM would be two businesses who could buy into Sonic instead of our current ISP. Which in turn will influence the city community to try out Sonic.

  • Skumgummi

    So, San Francisco soon?

  • Cj415

    How bout bringing your fusion out here on Occidental road between high school road and highway 116?

  • Anonymous

    Occidental Rd from High School Rd and roughly to out Green Hill Rd is all served from the Sebastopol central office exchange. Unfortunately, most of that area is too far from downtown Sebastopol for Fusion to function.


  • Anonymous

    The San Francisco pilot is still pending paperwork, sorry – no news to report yet!


  • redwoodmists

    Love love love you guys!!! Would be so thrilled if this came to our area! (Border of Rohnert Park and Cotati, near Adrian Dr.)  We have Fusion, and I’ve adored since my 28.8k modem days, but our phone lines are so old and far away, we get 1.4Mbps download most of the time. So, please, please bring the fiber service here!

  • Nice! Go Mario!

  • Batvanio

    Any plans to come in Silicon Valley, (Cupertino, CA)? One would think that this might be a good ROI considering population and levels of internet usage?

  • Sasha

    Would love to sign up for Fusion (and Fiber) here in Pacifica, but it is not offered by Sonic. Please begin offering the solution here. Pacifica is a bedroom community for many tech professionals from SF and Silicon Valley. It is hard to continue recommending Sonic when similar services offer more bandwidth. I would love to see Sonic expand their offerings here.

  • Sasha

    Would love to sign up for Fusion (and Fiber) here in Pacifica, but it is not offered by Sonic. Please begin offering the solution here. Pacifica is a bedroom community for many tech professionals from SF and Silicon Valley. It is hard to continue recommending Sonic when similar services offer more bandwidth. I would love to see Sonic expand their offerings here.

  • Dane,
    I’m writing because I’d really like to see Sonic prosper.
    In order to do so, I think you need to train the sales team in customer retention. This month marked both the end of my 1-year introductory pricing at Sonic (with which I’ve been very happy) and the thieves at AT&T bumping the cost of my local service 24%. The latter was the final straw, and I proposed to sales that I retain my DSL service at the introductory rate until Sonic could provide copper Fusion at my location. Sales, very politely, told me to get lost. The result is that I’m, very reluctantly, in the process of switching to AT&T dry-loop DSL at twice the speed I’m getting from Sonic at the same introductory rate and porting my home number to a cell phone, for a net saving of $35/mo. for the first year, and (in the unlikely event that AT&T retention doesn’t extend the rate), $15/mo. thereafter. Regards,

  • Jin

    Do you plan to expand in santa rosa? in the wikiup/larkfield area?

  • Bob

     The story encourages users to recommend Sonic Net in order to improve the likelihood of moving up on the priority list for fiber installation. Do you publish a list of installed users by city. I’m in Berkeley. Maybe having this information would encourage me even more than I already am to get my neighbors moved to Sonic Net if we are close to the magic tipping point.



  • Rocks

    How about SE Santa Rosa? Would love to see fiber out to Bennet Valley. We are beyond Fusion range on Yulupa Ave.

  • Sonic is in Santa Rosa, BRING THE SERVICE HERE!!

  • Of course here can you call out the CEO by name, even email or call him, you’re trading over to a faceless mega-corp who will block your every attempt to contact anyone about anything – have fun on ATT 🙁 

  • Skandiah

    Any plan to offer the fusion any time soon to south west santa rosa (North Point Village neighborhood) ?

  • George

     Hear, Hear!  Hrrmph! Hrrmph!

  • Elektriko

    The map legend doesn’t explain the shades of yellow.
    Please enlighten (’cause we are in a yellow area, Taft Street by Analy High school)

  • B9

    I’d sign up for Fusion Broadband+Phone  if it would get me closer, but it’s not offered in my area either. Your strategy doesn’t account for latent demand, and without any of this in my area, the obvious problem is that few in the community know about it.  Another issue is that the streets in my neighborhood are private. I’d be able to advocate getting cabling put in the streets if I could make a case that the community needs it, but that’s hard to show when it’s not being offered.  How do you get people to express interest in something that’s not even on the drawing board?

  • Ps3areepic

    Down here in souther california     Suffering with TWC  :l   50 a month for 5mbp connection?  fail

  • Rich

    I’m in Cupertino and eagerly awaitng fusion to come down here myself. I started with Sonic DSL back in 2006, have gotten about a dozen people onto Fusion from San Francisco to Oakland, but I frustrated that I can’t get fusion down here.

  • While I’d love to see it in San Francisco I couldn’t imagine the red tape that needs to fly to make it work.   Hell even a local company submitted a request to do low-distance trenching to lay fiber, while they haven’t talked about the response they got, the fact they haven’t done anything public in 2 years says something.

    In a nutshell San Francisco fricking blows when it comes to doing anything in it.

  • tom

    I have FUSION Broadband +Phone now and I really like it. When can we expect to see fiber in the area of Santa Rosa near Humboldt and Lewis? AT&T has their fiber connection within sight of my house….

  • Alex

    I’m having Fusion Broadband brought up today at my apartment in Santa Clara! As a Sonic customer from way back in the mid-90s, I’m looking forward to returning to a genuinely good ISP 🙂

  • Webb

    I live here in South West Santa Rosa, according to google, only 5692 feet from the Headquarters office.

    When we purchased this new house 14 years ago, one of the selling points was that they ran conduits to everyhouse to a central office located here in the neighborhood so we could get high speed internet.

    So here we are almost 15 years later.. Where is our high speed internet?

    Can’t you just put an antenna on your roof and beam it over here or something?

    I bet we have a good line of sight to beam a signal only a few blocks to my neighborhood for distribution.

    Otherwise, what does it cost to run a fibre 1 to 2 miles long to connect a neighborhood with 400 – 500 houses.

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  • PaloAlto Resident

    Have you talked to Palo Alto about extending their fiber ring to houses?  They’re about to abandon their plans for this.

  • Carol

    Please, please, please bring out to Bloomfield Road

  • We’ve been with since the early early days and the only service we can use currently is email and dialup.  Do you know how many pages time out on dail up?  Year after year we keep hoping an expansion of service will come out to WEST SONOMA COUNTY to the many people out here, many like us who are trying to remain supportive of LOCAL companies.  So how about it?  Any chance there will EVER be real service in West County?  It’s nice to give Sebastopol city an upgrade. Nice to give SF more fast internet.  How about out here? I cannot even do banking online with dailup it is too slow for the modern webpages, yet I am having to pay the full fee – even though all we can use are our treasured email accounts.  We are using Verizon and Sprint mifi for access currently.  I ask every few years if Sonic Net is going to help us out here.   I think it’s about time don’t you? 

  • Dmitriy Khazansky

    Here’s another vote for SF (94123 specifically).  Per your site, My location is about 8,229 wire feet from our local serving office.  The current offer that you have for me over copper is an unacceptable, so I’m forced to use Crapcast until your fiber comes online.  I hope that you know that although Fusion customers help you drive your geographical decisions of fiber deployment, they should not outweigh the desire of folks to have great speed at a great price who are currently with the competition.

  • They better get their buts all the way over to Chicago, I’m dealing with 768kbps (0.00073Gbps) … And that’s the best my ISP offers… 

  • True Sonic Lover

    Would love to see further expansion into the E. Bay. I live in Berkeley now, previously in Oakland where I was very close to a tower and had an unbelievable download speed. Now in Berkeley for almost the past year and missing my tiny Oakland Studio apartment ONLY for the Internet speed I once enjoyed.

  • Lmsanden

    How about West San Jose/Saratoga/Campbell area? I am right at the max range. Would the fiber update broaden the max range or speed up the service for those at the max range?

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  • jazz

    we west county folks with no dsl or cable would welcome you. I am on pogowave now.hope we are not last on the list.

  • JS

    East San Jose (foothills), please! I really need faster service!

  • NorthSanJose Resident

    I live in North San Jose and just got my Fusion a couple of months back and canceled my comcast. I really liked the service. The only thing I felt a bit short is that the top speed is only 2.4Mbps for me. I called the support and was told that my house is almost on the boundary of the service area. Is there any plan to increase the service area in North San Jose?

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