privacy policies recognized by the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today released their 2012 privacy report, and has come out with top marks.

The EFF assessed the policies of 18 leading Internet companies, including “email providers, ISPs, cloud storage providers, and social networking sites — to assess whether they publicly commit to standing with users when the government seeks access to user data.”

Customer privacy is critical in the information age. It’s far too easy for both private and government entities to overstep, and service providers are the last line of defense. invests time and resources in assuring the our customers are protected and informed, and we have a policy of transparency, which I believe is critical for Internet providers of all types.

The EFF wrote in their report that:

“We are especially pleased to recognize the first company to ever receive a full gold star in each of the categories measured by the privacy and transparency report:, an ISP based in Santa Rosa, California.”

I appreciate the notice by the EFF of our privacy practices, which I believe are the best in the Internet access industry.


  • William Matty

    To be very up front and honest I would have expected no less from but at the same time I should be very clear in my heart felt appreciation of what Sonic is doing and has done in within the confines of this industry. Thank you Sonic, I am impressed and grateful for your stellar work and the comfort that I have knowing you will continue to perservere with your impeccable integrity is absolutely priceless. As Miss Tina Turner says, “You’re the best, you are simply the best!”

    William Matty 

  • Thank you for taking this stance. I hope never to benefit personally from your policies, but still feel more comfortable knowing that you take your customers’ privacy seriously and are willing to stand up for privacy in general.

    And it makes me trust your business more.

  • SteveO

    Dane keep up the great work. Congratulations on the award from EFF!!!

  • battlesysadmin

    I love you, Sonic!!