Fusion Free Borderless Calling Expansion (sorry, Antarctica!)

Late last year, we launched  “Borderless Calling” for Fusion, with eight total hours of free calls to Canada. We chose Canada because it was our most popular international destination, and this has saved our Fusion members a ton of money on their monthly bills over the last year.

We are now expanding free calling beyond North America, to the top call destination on every continent!

For each continent*, we tallied our Fusion members’ top international destination, and added the most-called country on each continent* to our free Borderless calling list. (Go ahead, click the asterisk. I know you want to. I’ll wait.)

Fusion Borderless Calling now includes eight total hours of free calls to land line telephones in six countries plus four territories. (Calls to mobile phones are still toll calls, except in the US, Canada and the US territories. See international rates for full details.)

Fusion Borderless Calling now includes:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • South Africa

Fusion already includes free unlimited calling to all 50 US states, plus US territories:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • US Virgin Islands
  • American Samoa

As Fusion membership grows, we will continue to add more features, including more free Borderless calling destinations. So please, tell a friend about Fusion unlimited broadband and phone service, now with free Borderless Calling to ten international destinations, all for only $39.95/mo.

Thank you for being a Sonic.net Fusion customer!

The fine print:

For full international call pricing and to look up a rate, see the international rate table.

All calling features for Fusion service are limited to interactive use by our members. You may not re-sell or share the service. For details, see: use provisions.

* Apologies to the roughly 3,687 scientists and staff at the various Antarctic research stations, and even deeper apologies to the 964 who typically stay through the long and isolated winter. I imagine you would really appreciate a call from one of our friendly Fusion members. But, your telephone service is all satellite delivery, so I am going to pretend that you aren’t really a continent. From the perspective of free Fusion Borderless calls to land lines, you’re not. Sorry!

  • New features=cool. Still sticking with $39.95 as the month cost= lie. Please tell me how I, as a new user, can pay you $39.95 a month….I can’t You have a mandatory $6.50 per month equipment rental. PLEASE change your slogan so we can go back to liking you as the “disruptive” force in the industry who does not hide charges. Make it $50 if you want, but just tell us what we have to pay you(not including taxes, etc)

  • Jim_Feeley

    Sorry to be dense, but is that eight total hours of free calls per lifetime or per month? One is good, the other is better…

  • Luciano

    I pay $39.95 a month. You must be doing something wrong. Have you tried to get a DSL modem on craigslist, they can be had for around $20, do that and that will save you the rental fee on the modem. I just used the modem that I had from AT&T, now those guys are ripoff artist.

  • mike

    When I signed up I just kept using the 2Wire equipment I already had. So 39.95 + taxes is all I pay..

  • mike and luciano: you two are like me as customers who signed up before july 1, 2012. we can use our own modems and not have to rent from sonic.net. what tessa is talking about is the new policy where all *new* customers are required to rent a modem from sonic, therefore tacking on the $6.50 a month mandatory fee. see here:


  • John

    Hong Kong please!

  • Nick Schmalenberger

    This is a good reason to support building a submarine fiber optic link to McMurdo base as described in http://amrc.ssec.wisc.edu/meetings/MGS/draft.doc

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  • Janis Couvreux

    France, France, France! We need France at our house!

  • Reece Mak

    I would like free call to Hong Kong or China.

  • Jeff

    Please include Taiwan too.

  • sonicnet

    I believe Hong Kong is next most popular destination in Asia, so if that continues, it would be next. As our membership grows, we will add more countries, so please spread the word about Fusion.

  • francois

    More free calling is good.
    We call France a lot but as regular rate
    is 3.4c per minute, we don’t use sonic for that, we use future-nine
    which recently lowered the rate down to 0.54 and 0.92 cent per minute
    depending on the quality you want (and the lowest quality is usually
    very good)
    So our calling is not in the tallies.
    Also what is
    difficult is that we don’t know when the 8 hours are up and it becomes
    more expensive. i agree that 8 hours should be plenty for most. But tell
    that to my wife…
    Say she calls for 10 hours. 8 hours at $0 and 2 hours at 3.4c is $4.08; 10 hours at 0.54c is $3.24

    if sonic were including France for free for 8 hours, I’m not sure i
    would tell my wife to use it if there is no easy way to know how far we
    are on the 8 hours. maybe right before the ringing tone, a message
    telling us how many hours are used…

    Again: i am not complaining. More free stuff is good.

  • crashnburn

    Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea Philipines would all be great as many Asian customers has family and relatives back home. The issue I see if not the lack of spreading the words but the lack of availablity for customers to be eligible for Sonic. I used to be a customer and I love my Fusion. However, I move 2 miles away and now Sonic is not available. It would be nice if Sonic can really push for expansion for every corners in the Bay Area. BayaArea is the hub for many potential customers will friends and relative in other countries.

  • world traveler

    Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, India, and France would all be helpful to me. I love my Fusion even if I just use it domestically. Keep up the good work!

  • Jay

    Just to be clear, it appears that free calling only seems to apply to land lines in South Africa. When I call cell phones there, I still incur an additional fee.

  • Jay

    And now that I read above a bit more closely, it looks like it’s stated plainly that calls to mobile phones are still toll calls. So, uh, never mind.

  • sonicnet

    Yes, as noted in the announcement, BorderLess calling outside North America is free to fixed lines only, mobiles still are a fee.

  • Cynic13

    It’s actually $39.95 + $6.50 + $12.75 taxes on the voice service (depending on your location), for a total of about $60/month. You can get 18Mbps Internet from ATT Uverse for $53/month, over a wider area than Sonic serves. If Sonic.net would just allow customers to reject voice, they’d have a competitive offering. But if you’re not interested in voice, there are (I am sad to say) better options.

  • waiyan115

    When is the 8 hour free calling ever will be expanded to China or Hong Kong ?

  • waiyan115

    Just to add your business will skyrocket once you open the China and HK market, you might not have any idea but that 8 hours means a lot to us frugal Asians !

  • DP

    Great news. It is good that Sonic is making progress on including more countries.
    Please include India next time!

  • Kirk

    I was paying more for U-verse and home phone service thru AT&T.
    (about $63 per month, after taxes etc.), with less speed on my broadband. Not huge savings, but better service then AT&T.

  • Kirk

    Germany next please for borderless calling.

  • Cynic13

    The difference is that ATT will sell you Internet only, with no phone service – and no phone service taxes. Sonic doesn’t give you the option.

  • Matte Gray

    I live in SF and switched from ATT for broadband plus phone. The bottom line is that I now pay less for better service and am very happy with Sonic.

  • Cynic13

    Sonic is a great product, but including the voice feature adds about $12/month in taxes to your bill. If (for example) you use a cellphone for all your voice calling, you can save money with a competitor’s broadband-only offering.

  • Wai

    I joined Sonic with the mistaken thought that Hong Kong/Macau is included in the list for the 8 hr free border-less calling, and by mistake jointed Sonic instead of staying with my super hi-speed Comcast with VOIP Service (I am getting 12 mps with Comcast and only 3 or so with Sonic and that Pace Modem is not working too well and only gives out 500 kps download right now). Really wish Hong Kong / Macau is on the list so I don’t feel like I am stuck with Sonic for the next 33 months with the contract.

  • sonicnet

    Sorry about the confusion! Looking at our calling stats, I would guess that HK will be our next Asian country to be added to Borderless calling, but I don’t know if and when that might occur.
    I would hate to see you depart, but note that we have no contractual commit, so you are free to cancel Fusion service at any time if its not a fit for you.

  • ankh

    Might be worth going back and posting updates on the older topics that are available but no longer open for comments — the Fusion Product Changes topic for example says ” equipment is now provided free for every new customer”

  • sonicnet

    Articles are current as of their publication, but clearly things evolve quickly, and information in past articles which has been superseded by later published items may no longer be valid.

  • Wai

    I could have been smarter and use skype or other VOIP service with a higher speed comcast internet. It is over 6 months since I joined sonic now and still no Hong Kong free international. Now I actually rather just pay for the early termination fee in 6 months and go back to comcast as a new customer. I live too far and only getting 3 mps in the meantime that new Pace Modem is slowing everything down in my house.

  • Margie

    We would love free calling to Kenya and Tanzania, E Africa. We call often and get cut off often. Thank you.

  • marco

    Please add France to the list 🙂

  • Sunrise Seeker

    Can someone tell me if the 8 hours international calling to select countries is total time as a Sonic customer or renewed monthly? I just want to make sure. Thanks!

  • sonicnet

    Yes, it’s eight hours of free calling each calendar month.


  • What about the Asia region?is there any plan for Asia region too?

  • same question from my side what about China,when it will be added in list??

  • sonicnet

    Currently Japan is included, but we have plans to expand free calling to more destinations.

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