Get the new Sonic Fusion app, free!

iphone5_linesettingsIf you’ve got an iPhone, we’ve got an app for you!

The new Sonic Fusion Mobile app for iPhone will alert you when someone leaves you a voicemail, providing easy message playback while you are on the go. The app also offers access to line settings, including call forwarding. This makes it easy to forward your Fusion line to your mobile phone or another destination, even when you’re already away from home or the office.

The app is free, just go to from your iPhone’s Safari browser to install it now.

For Fusion voicemail notifications, be sure to allow notifications when you start the app. When setting up the app for the first time, you will need to be at the location where your Fusion service is delivered to authenticate the line.

To address the obvious question, “What about Android?”: We plan to see how much interest there is in the app for iPhone before we commit to development for the Android platform. If it is very popular, we are likely to commit to Android support too.


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  • Mike Duigou

    I have been using it for a couple of months. I find it indispensable!

  • Akmal

    Would be nice to have a way to delete all the message. I just realized I had 70 messages in “read” state, and it takes a while to delete each one.

  • sonicnet

    The quickest way to deal with large numbers of messages is via IMAP (email), you’ll find all your voicemail messages attached as WAV files to emails in the Voicemail folder in your email account.

  • That looks awesome. I’ll give it a try. I guess I should be less lazy and actually set up my voice mail account.

  • Robert Thille

    Dane, any chance we’ll see an update on the Sebastopol Fiber plan?

  • sonicnet

    Best place to engage in discussion on another topic would be our forums.

  • Jordan

    Waiting patiently for the Android release. I can see this app being extremely useful so I would be surprised if it wasn’t popular with the iPhone users.
    Thanks for the awesome service/ customer service Sonic!

  • Lucas Dohring

    If you publish an API, i’ll make an Android app.

  • Simon Waddington

    +1 for the Android release. I’m going to take a wild guess that your typically user is more likely to be an Android user…

  • Glenn

    good ap but one problem. When you delete the call from Iphone it also deletes it from the server. Blaugh. need asetting to delete from iphone only.

  • sonicnet

    The view you see and messages you manage in the iPhone app, in the “Voicemail” folder via email (IMAP) or by calling *99 from your telephone is the same. You can access them various ways, they’re simply various ways to manage messages in your single voicemail box.

  • phidel

    Android app would be great, please. Android has a larger market share than iOs. Thanks!

  • fredfnord

    That would be interesting to know, but I’d bet the opposite. The iPhone has a much larger market share in the SF Bay area than it does elsewhere, for one thing.

    Certainly the coworkers (tech) who I know have are mostly iPhone users.

  • Steve

    First App to lock-up my iPhone. I installed from the App Store, and Opened the App. The “Lise Selector” page appears in the background and in the foreground is a message window that says I have to add a line to begin. At that point the phone is almost completely unresponsive (I can get Siri) and I have to cycle power to exit the app. Is anybody using the latest release?

  • Steve

    I was contacted by tech support and the app is now installed and working. Thank you.

  • moo

    “if” (the iOS version) is popular, we are “likely” to “commit” to an Android version… This doesn’t bode well 🙁

    Please support Android (60% market share in the US!), Android users are people (and Sonic customers) too!

  • Shawn

    + 1 for Android. No iPhone for us.

  • sonicnet



  • Jim

    +1 for Android. Even Woz uses an Android!!