Traffic Leaps on Netflix “Arrested” Release

May 28, 2013 – 5:27 pm
Netflix "Arrested Development" release bumps Sunday/Monday Internet traffic by roughly 40% over normal

Netflix “Arrested Development” release helped bump Sunday/Monday Internet traffic 40%

Netflix’s release of Arrested Development appears to be enjoying some strong uptake. Typically we see normal or slightly reduced Internet traffic on a holiday weekend, but the surge in broadband use on Sunday and Monday was substantial, an almost 40% bump in overall usage.

Compare Saturday the 25th with Sunday the 26th, after the Arrested release. And, strong demand continued Monday (binge viewing?), compare Monday the 27th on the right to the left-most sample, Monday the 20th.

While the reviews of Arrested Development have been mixed, its success certainly could be measured here on our network.

  • Paul Barwick

    well I have to admit, part is that was me.

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  • Gordon P

    Scale removed :(. What’s the peak usage on the graph? 40gigabit? 100gigabit?

  • sonicnet

    Yes, the scale isn’t included, we don’t disclose that information. Our intent was just to show the relative impact from a typical week, to the two days after Arrested Development was released.


  • Gordon P

    I know: :) Just being nosy.

  • Malcolm

    Why the regular (rectangular) “output bits”? And why does it change width? Seems surprising that your network output would be so regular.

  • sonicnet

    The big inbound and output spike in the middle of the night is the Netflix Open Connect cache boxes being updated with new or changed content. There is both in and out during that interval because once one cache box has the new content, it pushes it out to the other cache boxes nearby in the network.