Free calling to the Philippines


In recognition of the massive natural disaster affecting the Philippines, all calls to the country will be free for the month of November. If you have family or friends in this region, we hope for the best for them. We hope that we are able to help you stay connected, with a waiver of all costs for this month.

For those seeking loved ones in the region, Google has activated their Person Finder, a resource for those displaced to register themselves, and for those searching to find and connect. Visit the Typhoon Yolanda person finder.

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  • ankh

    wrong topic but not sure where to put it, did you see this?
    “(Have you noticed lately that AT&T through their UVerse brand,
    and Comcast through their Xfinity brand are offering home security and
    automation? That was sudden, right? Well – there’s a reason. AT&T
    UVerse and Comcast are not required to provide landline service suitable
    for use by outside alarm company vendors for their services. And
    quality requirements are eliminated as well, so if your current alarm
    system doesn’t work right, tough. So now AT&T and Comcast can
    deliberately impair alarm systems, then sell you their own when they
    don’t work instead of fixing the degradation.)

    But more concerning is AT&T’s trend of wanting to leave the “landline” business. First
    it’s important to understand that what legislators and lawyers consider
    a landline, and what you consider a landline are TWO COMPLETELY

    PS — WTF Disqus? Who needs the NSA when Disqus is doing the job? Intrusive, collective, insistently tries to find everything to do with you anywhere under any name and collect it all — and their password security is lousy and they got hacked a few days ago, I remember reading.

  • xxmg

    hey, how do I verify my email address? Disqus wants to connect the machine I’m using here with posts made many other places around the web by members of my family — who have used different login names but the same email address for years, for stuff. Disqus wants to lump them all together as though they were posted by one and the same person over the years, which is just wrong.

    this one for instance, it wants to connect to postings in a forum at an online magazine.

    Can’t a family share a family email — and different user names on different sites for different people? without this tracking software gathering everything up?

    EMail addresses were supposed to be kept confidential at most of those sites — and each one that has converted to Disqus has turned everything over to Disqus for their gathering-up.

    This sucks.