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Based upon a confidential survey of our staff members by the North Bay Business Journal, has been honored as one of the “North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work”.

We really appreciate this honor, and the candid feedback from our team here. I work with an amazing group of individuals, and I am very excited about where we are all headed together.

Thank you.

-Dane Jasper

Review: AppleTV AirPlay Steals the Show

After my review of the SezmiRoku and Boxee, it’s time to wrap things up with the shiny new star, the AppleTV. Like the Roku, the AppleTV has a simple and easy to use interface, and is a great way to access Netflix. But the AppleTV also adds the entire iTunes video library to buy or rent movies and TV shows, so there’s tons of additional content. At $99, it’s a bit more expensive than the Roku, and in many ways less flexible.

But, along comes the iPad with AirPlay and it all becomes clear.

Virtually any video you can play on the iPad can now be sent to the AppleTV by clicking on the AirPlay button. In a household with an iPad or two, choose the AppleTV for your OTT, just for its AirPlay integration.

AirPlay lets you buy and store content on the iPad which you might watch there when you are on the road, then if you’re at home, use AirPlay to display it on the AppleTV connected to the big TV. Apps like HBO GO on the iPad can be sent to the big screen, as well as any of your stored content. Visitors bringing their own iPads with content can also use AirPlay to send to your TV. AirPlay makes the tablet the hub for all video content.

One complaint about the AppleTV is that the remote is infrared, not radio frequency, so you can’t hide the AppleTV away. But, if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, the Remote app lets you control the AppleTV wirelessly. Clearly, they’re steering us toward a household filled with shiny Apple devices.

No matter which over the top solution you select, pair it up with Fusion and  Netflix and you will be off to a very good start. As these platforms continue to improve and as more and more content arrives, you will probably reach a point where you no longer need an expensive cable package!

The Datacenter and Water Conservation

CRAC tanks

Our prototype Core4 CRAC System may be the most energy efficient CRAC system deployed in the world to date but we didn’t stop there.  It’s notoriously difficult to maintain good water chemistry in cooling towers and it usually involves a combination of harsh and very expensive chemicals to control scale, corrosion, algae and bacterial growth.  Also, towers are typically running with low cycles of concentration to keep the overall TDS low (to prevent scale) so a lot of chemical laden water just ends up going down the drain as ‘blow down.’  Sean McNeil, our Water Conservation Representatives from the City of Santa Rosa’s Utility Department, not only helped us retrofit our building with dual flush toilets and ultra low flush urinals, he also turned us on to a system that promised to control all aspects of water chemistry in our cooling towers without the use of any added chemicals and without any blow down at all.

Thanks to Skasol and WCTI, we now have a ZBT system installed and expect to save more than 12,000 gallons of water a month and have eliminated all of the environmental impact associated with typical water treatment solutions.  The savings in both water and chemicals along with the rebate from the City as part of their Sustained Reduction program also made this a very cost effective solution.  Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

Major Network Enhancements on the Horizon

If you’ve been paying attention to our Status blog, you may have noticed a good number of network backbone maintenance posts recently. This is because we’re nearing completion on a number of huge network upgrades, and I’d like to take a little time to talk about these milestones for

All of these upgrades relate to’s existing network backbone, which is currently a ring between our Santa Rosa, San Francisco and San Jose POPs. Our San Francisco and San Jose POPs current Juniper M40 core routers are being upgraded to Juniper T320s. The T320s are absolutely beastly, measuring 25x17x31″, capable of drawing nearly 3kW of power, and weighing in at nearly 400lb! The T320s in San Francisco and San Jose will have an 10Gbps transport links between them, and one 10Gbps link apiece to the T320 that will be installed at our new Palo Alto POP. This will create a new, highly redundant 10Gbps backbone for, and allow us to easily expand our backbone capacity as bandwidth needs continue to increase.

We’ve been working tirelessly on these projects for the past few months, and plan to have them completed very soon now. As always, we at strive to keep one step ahead of demand, and provide access to the most reliable network possible. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for news about our progress on these upgrades!

-Jared, Nathan, Tim, Clay, Monroe, Josh, Juston, Matt, Jacob, and Tomoc

Free Internet for a year contest!

For the next fifteen days we will be running a contest on Twitter where we will give away free Internet service for a year!

We will give away one year of free Internet service (traditional AT&T line shared DSL as fast as we can, or Fusion at up to 30mbps, CA only) every day for 15 days to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

The contest will be run over Twitter, entrants have to use the hashtag #sonicnet .

One entry will be chosen at random every day for fifteen days from the mentions of #sonicnet during the past day.  Each mention is an entry, but please don’t over-tweet, spammers won’t be winners.

One win per person, win is transferable if you’re in an area we do not serve (you are welcome to give it away or sell it).

Winners’ Circle
















Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys! Death Monkeys are leading the way with 2 wins and 1 loss for the 2009 Summer Adult Softball Season. We have a great team full of talent and are having a lot of fun. Games are played weekly on Monday nights till mid-August at Rincon Valley Community Park on the Montectio Blvd side. Santa Rosa, Ca. Game times are 6pm and 7:10 and vary from week to week. Please come out and enjoy a game, the great American past time and!
Photobucket Death Monkeys, Season opener!

Come one, come all the Death Monkeys have their season opener tonight!

Game starts 7:15pm at Rincon Valley Park, Montecito Blvd, Santa Rosa.

We’ve got a great team this year from all departments of Please come and join us.

Thank you for your support

~Jenny and Kim

2008 Wrap Up

Staff photo, December 2008

Staff photo, December 2008

We are coming to the close of another exciting year. 2008 has been a really enjoyable time, and our staff get all of the credit for that. We are doing some exciting new things, making improvements to existing products, and providing support that I continually hear good things about.

Thanks also to our customers, I very much appreciate your loyalty and patronage. We will continue to work hard for you, launching exciting new products and delivering the care you have come to expect.

2009 is going to be even more interesting, and I’m real excited about what’s on the schedule for us in the coming year.

-Dane Jasper

More Monkey Madness

Two games down, and three to go.  The Sonic Death Monkeys have been playing hard and are tied for 4th place!  We’d love to have you in the stands cheering us on, tonight’s game starts at 7:20, Howarth Park, Santa Rosa.  Thank you everyone!

Ed: for some reason this post was never approved after Jenny originally wrote it 23, September, sorry.