Month: October 2009

San Rafael deployment complete

San Rafael

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

We’re now taking orders for new Fusion Broadband and FlexLink Ethernet & T1 services in the main San Rafael SNRFCA01 central office.  This site is one of our big new fiber signal regeneration sites, so it’s got an amazing amount of bandwidth passing through.  Scoop some of it up for yourself as it passes by if you are located in the San Rafael serving area.

Comcast price goes up, DirecTV price goes down

dtv-logo-smallWith news about Comcast’s fall rate hikes, (PressDemocrat: Comcast raises rates again: 43 percent since ’03) I’m really pleased to announce that DirecTV new customer pricing has just dropped by $5 monthly.

With introductory pricing and our $10/mo broadband bundle, you can get into a DirecTV package for only $19.99/mo now!  That includes free HD or a free DVR (digital video recorder.)

Compare this to your last Comcast bill!  With our fall DirecTV package, you save $36 per month for 12 months then save $10 per month for the next 6 months (regularly $55.99/mo.)

Big the big win is really our installation and customer service.  You probably know how amazing our technical support group is, and our DirecTV installers are just as dedicated.  Here’s some great comments I got last week from a customer, Claudia Fiori:

The reason I am writing is because we had the pleasure of having Karl install our DIRECTV the other day. He was amazingly knowledgeable, warm, friendly, professional, and most of all skilled and did a quality, top-notch installation. I only wish I had left Comcast when Sonic first became involved with DIRECTV. Oh well, better late than never. Anyway, I wanted you to know what a great employee you have in Karl, and maybe the next time you see him, you can give him a kind word from me.

My warmest regards,
Claudia Fiori

We’ve got a break in the rain, so now is a great time to make the switch.  Click on DirecTV to get started!

P.s.: Thank you Karl!

Easy way to save $5 on Internet

verizon-logo2Here’s a quick and easy way to save on your Internet access: let help with your Verizon wireless service.  Pairing’s customer service with Verizon’s great network coverage is an unbeatable combination.

To make it even better, you can save $5/mo for a full year when you get both from!

We can provide most standard phones, as well as smartphone products like the Blackberry. Being able to get technical support from one organization for your Internet, email, and smartphone integration with email can also mean a lot less customer service frustration.

For details, start on the Verizon Smartphone page, but if you’re interested in any specific phone, or simply want to re-up your current plan to save, don’t hesitate to contact us. DirecTV DoublePlay feature

dtv-doubleplay-smallJust in time for football season.  There’s a cool new feature available on the DirecTV service: DoublePlay. This lets you swap back and forth between two shows, without losing your paused position.

All DirecTV HD DVRs and R22 models are now enabled with the feature. Customers can now watch, pause, fast-forward and rewind two shows airing at the same time and not miss a thing!

  1. Go to the first channel you wish to watch and press the DOWN arrow on your remote
  2. The following message appears “Press DOWN again to start DoublePlay™”. Press DOWN again
  3. Once you start DoublePlay™, your receiver begins storing up to 90 minutes on both channels
  4. Press the DOWN button to switch between channels
  5. Press the record key on a program currently being viewed to save a copy in your Playlist

See the DirecTV web page for more product information.

Free Internet for a year contest!

For the next fifteen days we will be running a contest on Twitter where we will give away free Internet service for a year!

We will give away one year of free Internet service (traditional AT&T line shared DSL as fast as we can, or Fusion at up to 30mbps, CA only) every day for 15 days to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

The contest will be run over Twitter, entrants have to use the hashtag #sonicnet .

One entry will be chosen at random every day for fifteen days from the mentions of #sonicnet during the past day.  Each mention is an entry, but please don’t over-tweet, spammers won’t be winners.

One win per person, win is transferable if you’re in an area we do not serve (you are welcome to give it away or sell it).

Winners’ Circle
















Cotati, Sonoma Fusion/FlexLink availability

We have deployed equipment in two new central offices on our new technology platform. Both Fusion and FlexLink products are now available to customers served by the Cotati and Sonoma central offices.

Cotati and Sonoma were left out in the initial wave of deployment last year because both are awkwardly situated with relationship to many of the customers in the serving area. For example the Sonoma central office is actually in Agua Caliente, and this limits the availability of Fusion services for many Sonoma residents. (Agua Caliente residents on the other hand are very well situated.)

That said, for our business clients, broad FlexLink availability is important, so it’s nice to have wrapped these two locations up. Many wineries in the Sonoma area for example have previously had only expensive T1 or wireless options available, and can now take advantage of the speeds and low prices of FlexLink symmetric products.

These two offices complete our near term Sonoma County coverage, and we are now focusing construction efforts in Marin, Napa and the East Bay.