Month: November 2009

Fusion and FlexLink now available in Richmond

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

As we continue our expansion, Richmond is our latest market to come online.  Adjacent to the Albany and Berkeley COs that we’ve been serving for some time, and just across the bridge from San Rafael which came online a few weeks ago, this continues the growth of our next generation product offerings around the Bay Area.

Our Fusion Broadband product for consumer and small business offers asymmetric broadband access without the need for a voice telephone line, using ADSL2+ technology to deliver speeds of up to 30Mbps/2Mbps.  FlexLink Ethernet for enterprise business provides carrier metro Ethernet access with high reliability at speeds of T1 up to 30Mbps/30Mbps symmetric.

Napa deployment complete


All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

We are now taking orders for our next generation carrier services in the Napa area. This new network brings an awful lot of bandwidth through Napa because it’s on our big new fiber ring. Consumers and small businesses can get products up to a max of 30Mbps now in many areas in Napa.

I’m guessing that a lot of Napa area wineries may be interested in reviewing their current Internet connections.  The new network brings long range T1 products online at aggressive new pricing, as low as $229/mo.  For a business in a more remote location, this is a great product and price!  For details, contact us!