Month: November 2013

Free calling to the Philippines


In recognition of the massive natural disaster affecting the Philippines, all calls to the country will be free for the month of November. If you have family or friends in this region, we hope for the best for them. We hope that we are able to help you stay connected, with a waiver of all costs for this month.

For those seeking loved ones in the region, Google has activated their Person Finder, a resource for those displaced to register themselves, and for those searching to find and connect. Visit the Typhoon Yolanda person finder.

Securing Email while in transit

CheckTLS Capture

In an ongoing effort to better secure our member’s communications, we have recently added support for encryption of inbound email to email addresses. Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), we are now negotiating encryption of email in transit with remote mail servers which support this protocol.

From our ops team’s notification: “… This (TLS) allows the session between the connecting server and our’s to be fully encrypted preventing messages from being available “on the wire” in clear text.  Our outbound servers have supported this kind of encryption when sending mail to destinations that support it for more than a decade.  At this time it looks like approximately 15-20% of inbound email is encrypted in transit.”

To test a mail server for encryption security, you can use, this will allow you to see if email from a correspondent at another email service provider will be likely to be encrypted.

Internet privacy is important to us, and we continue to improve our services to deliver the best privacy protection we can to our members.


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