Month: December 2018

2019 Predictions: Putting Consumers Back in the Driver’s Seat

It’s been a busy 2018 in the world of telecom and here at Sonic. While this year saw some hurdles – the USTelecom Association’s forbearance petition to name one –  we’re more optimistic about the future than ever before. And that’s because consumers are back behind the wheel, pushing telecom providers and regulators alike to innovate and implement policies that match today’s market demands. Here are our predictions for the year ahead:  

  • 2019 will mark the death of cable: For years we’ve been talking about “cord-cutting,” the trend of consumers cutting cable subscriptions in favor of over-the-top (OTT) streaming services. Well, 2019 is the year we stop talking about the decreasing interest in cable and start searching for its replacement. The bundle approach many of the telecom giants use to force cable subscriptions on their customers is no longer a selling factor, and we’re seeing a growing need for greater flexibility in these packages and service offerings. Streaming services have gone mainstream across all generations, eliminating cable provider’s core customer base: the baby boomers. In addition, nearly every television on the market is equipped with “smart” features, like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon video, already embedded. To fully utilize these streaming services, consumers need fast, reliable internet that can power both their streaming entertainment services, as well as all of their laptops, tablets and smart home devices. As consumers continue to cut ties with cable, we’ll see more telecom providers evolve their offerings to meet these advancing consumer demands. A 2019 Toast: Here’s to internet providers that keep up with this evolving technology and anticipating consumer needs. Sonic plans to do just that.
  • Calls to end robocalls will heighten: Earlier this year, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai called on carriers to strengthen their commitment to robocall blocking. For us, this is nothing new. We launched a robocall blocker before it was legal to do so, knowing full well that if the FCC took us to task on it that we’d be on the right side of the issue. To this day, we remain the only landline carrier that offers screened robocall blocking to all customers, and we have blocked millions of robocalls. As the FCC continues to put robocalls under the microscope, expect more providers to launch initiatives claiming to block or decrease the volume of these nuisance calls. Sonic is no exception – we’re committed to the future deployment of additional technologies to block robocalls even further through 2019. A 2019 Toast: Here’s to getting the calls you care about in 2019 (and always) with Sonic.
  • 2019 will be the year of fiber expansion: Despite what may be the death of San Francisco’s municipal fiber effort, Sonic is continuing to expand in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Now covering one-third of San Francisco and one city after another in the East Bay Area, Sonic has experienced tremendous growth over the past year with no signs of slowing down. For residents and businesses, gigabit fiber is moving from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” The smart home and streaming services are gaining steam with the growing adoption of connected devices like connected security cameras, voice-powered home assistants, and smart lighting systems, creating an unprecedented need for fast and reliable internet. We understand our members’ needs and will continue to deliver the speedy, affordable internet they depend on to power their tech-centric lifestyles. Check here to see if Sonic is available in your neighborhood.  A 2019 Toast: Here’s to getting as many people as possible connected to fast, affordable, and fair internet service.

The stage is set for 2019 – a year focused on consumers. At Sonic, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of these growing trends and to continue our momentum as the leading internet provider in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves on our consumer-first approach and are dedicated to providing the fastest, most reliable internet connection to homes and businesses across the Bay Area.