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Negative Exposure Assessment Drilling Protocol

Negative Exposure Assessment Drilling Protocol Training

I wonder what the people at the grocery store thought when staff member Matt Merner purchased more than twenty cans of shaving cream. I suspect they guessed he was planning some sort of late night pranks.

That would be an incorrect assumption. Matt was actually preparing for our upcoming telco central office installations.

To prepare for the deployment of our equipment in eighteen additional new telco central offices, a group of our staff was trained in negative exposure assessment procedures. This is a mandatory process for our handling of floor tiles which contain or which are presumed to contain asbestos.

Many telco central offices were built before the hazards of asbestos were well known. As a result, the buildings contain insulation, fireproofing, pipe coverings, conduits and other products which may contain asbestos. The item we deal with is the floor tiles, which we drill through in order to mount our equipment cabinets on the concrete floor.

The solution: Better buy Barbasol!

Staff member Clay Carley is our resident expert, an officially certified “competent person”. Asbestos handling is obviously heavily regulated (learn more here), and Clay’s been through the required training for this task. Clay trains the staff members who will be working with or near the process. (This includes curious CEOs.)

The basic process involves lots of wet paper towels, shaving cream and a few Ziplock baggies. The shaving cream forms a barrier, capturing asbestos fibers which may be released by the drilling process. Really high tech.

Construction in Sebastopol is scheduled to begin next week. To keep the floor smooth and soft, we’ve opted for Barbasol with Aloe.

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