Cutting the cord

A recent survey confirms what ILEC investor calls and SEC filings have shown for some time. Consumers are moving away from land lines in favor of mobile phone products.

Eighteen percent of homes have no land lines, and another thirteen percent have land lines but rarely if ever use them. In total, this means that 30% of users don’t have or don’t want an old fashioned “plain old telephone service” (POTS) line.

Currently however,’s legacy AT&T delivered DSL services require land line voice service as prerequisite. While this could be very limited measured rate service, it generally means a hidden cost of between fifteen and twenty five dollars.

One of the reasons that I’m excited about our new Fusion products is that they are available standalone. If you want land line voice, we will be offering that early next year, but “dry” service (no voice) will always be available too!

This lets customers purchase only the service they want, without the voice requirement that our legacy AT&T DSL products come with today.