Fusion Launch

Fusion reactions power the stars, and the rising star here at Sonic.net is our new “Fusion” Broadband+Phone service. (Direct link: Fusion Residential | Fusion Small Business)

Sonic.net’s carrier class network delivers a number of exciting new products for our customers. One of the most innovative of these new offerings is our Fusion service, which offers broadband access and telephone service without compromise.

Fusion service is delivered without artificial speed tier limits or usage caps. Fusion can deliver up to 20Mbps with a single line, or twice the speed (up to 40Mbps) with two lines bonded.

Fusion combines traditional landline phone service with the latest ADSL2+ broadband and bonding technology. There are no complex speed choices and no artificial speed constraints.

Just select the number of phone lines you need, and we will deliver the fastest possible broadband along with landline telephone service.

Fusion is a simple and exciting concept; a powerful combination of data and voice service elements.

To learn more about Sonic.net Fusion Broadband+Phone, visit www.sonic.net and select Solutions for Home or Small Business.