Going up?

Contractors crane cabinets into SF06

Lifting cabinets into SNFCCA06 CO

You can’t say our team (and contractors) don’t go the extra mile. Or vertical foot. This morning in the Balboa Park area of San Francisco, we installed two cabinets into SNFCCA06. This CO serves roughly from St. Francis Woods through Ingleside to Oceanview plus some portions North of McLaren Park.

This was a tricky CO that was held up because there is no freight elevator, and the staircase is just too tight to get the cabinet up. These seismic rated cabinets weight in at around 300 pounds with the welded frame only, so they are a bit of work to install. Once each cabinet is bolted down, the solid sides and locking doors are installed.

Today, the build-out of Fusion and FlexLink in San Francisco is over half complete. If you would like service in San Francisco for delivery within the next month, you can order Fusion (residential or small biz ADSL2+) or order FlexLink (business ADSL2+, T1 and Ethernet).