Major Network Enhancements on the Horizon

If you’ve been paying attention to our Status blog, you may have noticed a good number of network backbone maintenance posts recently. This is because we’re nearing completion on a number of huge network upgrades, and I’d like to take a little time to talk about these milestones for

All of these upgrades relate to’s existing network backbone, which is currently a ring between our Santa Rosa, San Francisco and San Jose POPs. Our San Francisco and San Jose POPs current Juniper M40 core routers are being upgraded to Juniper T320s. The T320s are absolutely beastly, measuring 25x17x31″, capable of drawing nearly 3kW of power, and weighing in at nearly 400lb! The T320s in San Francisco and San Jose will have an 10Gbps transport links between them, and one 10Gbps link apiece to the T320 that will be installed at our new Palo Alto POP. This will create a new, highly redundant 10Gbps backbone for, and allow us to easily expand our backbone capacity as bandwidth needs continue to increase.

We’ve been working tirelessly on these projects for the past few months, and plan to have them completed very soon now. As always, we at strive to keep one step ahead of demand, and provide access to the most reliable network possible. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for news about our progress on these upgrades!

-Jared, Nathan, Tim, Clay, Monroe, Josh, Juston, Matt, Jacob, and Tomoc