More bees!

As I’ve written previously, I keep bees. Yesterday I got a call from Oak Grove Elementary School in Graton about a swarm of bees in one of their trees. The nice folks at Beekind referred them because has a bucket truck which I can borrow, so we can reach swarms which have settled high in a tree.

I’ve captured two swarms already this season, and have three hives running now, and that’s about as many as I want to manage. So, I called my friends John and Chris Mason at Emtu Wines. They lost both of their hives last winter, presumably to colony collapse.

I sent John up in the bucket this time, while Chris and I observed from below. The swarm wasn’t nearly as large as the one from Occidental, perhaps three pounds of bees, about 10,000. Boxed up and away they went, into one of the empty Emtu hives. Hopefully the bees will be successful there, and none of the elementary school kids will risk anaphylaxis.