NFL, Not Quite Over The Top

I’ve talked about OTT video in the past, and we have debated the merits of the ESPN3 broadband offering here as well. So I was really excited to read news coverage (via Yahoo! Sports) that said DirecTV and the NFL have teamed up to offer the full NFL Sunday Ticket package to broadband subscribers directly.

I thought, what a great move by DirecTV and NFL!

This is the right model for content providers: go direct to consumers, and use the Internet as a delivery mechanism. It has worked for the airlines, book stores, and even shoes, and OTT video will also win out over subscription TV in the long run. has done it well, and would be great to see the NFL headed this way as well.

But what seems to have been overlooked in the story is that this offering is NOT actually available to everyone.

Instead, it is only available to those who for technical or physical reasons cannot obtain DirecTV satellite service! The offering was initially made in Manhattan, where towers might block satellite signals, or building HOAs might not allow dishes.

But sorry, unless you really cannot obtain DirecTV service, no Broadband NFL end run for you this fall.

If you DO want to subscribe to DirecTV satellite service, remember that you can bundle it with broadband which saves you $10/mo for 18 months.