Reinventing the Wheel

When the Amgen Tour of California rolls into Santa Rosa, provides critical speed.

As a 3rd year stage sponsor, delivered more speed than ever before to keep up with the race production team’s needs. Uplink speed was needed most, and this year we provided our FlexLink Ethernet 30/30Mbps symmetric link. This is roughly twenty times as fast as the typical consumer upstream connection. This fast link was used to power data and video uplinks that help deliver the ToC media experience.

Rolling Broadband! and the ToC Team used unconventional methods to deliver the necessary speed. Our connection had to be delivered to the on-site network, comprised of production vehicles in the middle of Mendocino Avenue.

We designed a new kind of wheel for the race: a rolling Internet connection. A cable spool with onboard FlexLink Ethernet over Copper equipment was staged in the City Hall telecom room, then rolled out before dawn to the race production vehicles as they deployed.

The hub, a video production trailer, connected various vehicles for the two day event to’s FlexLink Ethernet link. is proud to be an Amgen Tour of California stage sponsor, providing the fast Internet access to help make this event a speedy success.

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Broadband powered Tour of CA iPad App

The Site-LAN production hub