Residential Satellite access pricing drop

Click for residential product info and pricing

Click the image above for residential product info and pricing

As I’ve written in the past, a large number of rural customers do not have access to wired Internet access products.

Satellite access provides a great alternative, but it’s traditionally been pretty expensive for the equipment and installation. This is because it is very advanced radio technology. Unlike satellite TV, which simply has to receive a signal which blankets the US, satellite Internet equipment has to transmit a signal from the dish into space, about 26,200 miles above the earth. That requires a quality radio transmitter, and this has keep costs for the service high.

For a limited time, we are offering discounted equipment and free installation for residential users. At only $99.95 for the initial activation fee, this is a huge savings. The total was previously $345, so it’s quite a drop.

We can only offer this price point for signups taken prior to December 15th, but more importantly, we must install and activate service by December 31st. Because we have limited installation slots, it is likely that the install slots prior to the end of the year will be taken before the December 15th deadline. If you are interested, sign up ASAP!

Satellite broadband is a great upgrade to dialup access in a rural location. No phone line is required, so if you have a dedicated modem line that you can disconnect, consider that savings when you compute your total monthly costs.

You can stop by our office and take a test drive using our demo station, more info here.

For more information or to sign up, see the residential satellite web page for home locations, or the business satellite web page for business premises.