DirecTV DoublePlay feature

dtv-doubleplay-smallJust in time for football season.  There’s a cool new feature available on the DirecTV service: DoublePlay. This lets you swap back and forth between two shows, without losing your paused position.

All DirecTV HD DVRs and R22 models are now enabled with the feature. Customers can now watch, pause, fast-forward and rewind two shows airing at the same time and not miss a thing!

  1. Go to the first channel you wish to watch and press the DOWN arrow on your remote
  2. The following message appears “Press DOWN again to start DoublePlay™”. Press DOWN again
  3. Once you start DoublePlay™, your receiver begins storing up to 90 minutes on both channels
  4. Press the DOWN button to switch between channels
  5. Press the record key on a program currently being viewed to save a copy in your Playlist

See the DirecTV web page for more product information.