Sonic Statement on Net Neutrality

On Monday, President Barack Obama announced his plan to protect net neutrality, asking the FCC to prevent Internet providers and cable companies from blocking or limiting access to websites. Obama said,

“They should make it clear … Internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website,” he said Monday. “Cable companies can’t decide which online stores you can shop at, or which streaming services you can use, and they can’t let any company pay for priority over competitors.”

In a marketplace dominated by a few carriers, scarcity and tolls have become the new normal. This choice puts the the health of the Internet as an ecosystem for innovation, economic growth and education at risk. Consumers should not become captive pawns in a game to extract more value from the Internet as a whole.

Sonic continues to adhere to the net neutrality practices implemented since its founding in 1994:

  • We don’t disadvantage any source or type of traffic.
  • There are no per-circuit speed tiers and no usage caps.
  • We host content delivery equipment as close to our customers as possible.

At Sonic, we are continuing our growth efforts, including fiber construction, while continuing our focus on delivering reliable, neutral, secure and private Internet access.

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