We’ve recently gotten into the television business. It’s something we’ve done rather quietly so far, as we can really only install a certain amount with our current staff.

Television is something that I see as a natural synergy with broadband access, and it’s a bundling opportunity for customers who want to save a bit of money. This evolution is part of the “Fusion” philosophy; a goal of delivering broadband, landline voice, mobile voice and television, either together or a la carte. DirecTV allows customers to bundle with their Internet access for a discount, plus manage customer service, installation and repair all through’s great local staff.

The other good news though is High Def. Through our partnership with DirecTV, we’ve got the largest number of HD channels available, currently at 104. A recent Pike & Fischer report compares DirecTV and Verizon FIOS (103 HD channels) to cable and concludes:

Quote: “Comcast, the largest cable operator in the United States, has one of the smallest selections of HD channels, according to the study. Comcast in some markets is offering less than 40 HD channels, although the company’s marketing focuses on its large selection of HD movies, TV shows and other content available on demand.

Cable networks do not have the same capacity as Verizon’s all-fiber infrastructure and DirecTV’s satellite coverage, and thus face more constraints on bandwidth for HD channels.”

So, nice news about HD and DirecTV. We’ve got lots of great HD options!