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Fusion Pricing Reductions

fusion-logoI’m happy to announce that we have reduced pricing for many of our higher speed Fusion Broadband products.  This, plus increases in speed are part of our goal to bring additional value to these exciting new products.

For existing customers, price reductions will be reflected automatically on your next billing cycle.

With these price reductions, existing customers should consider upgrading their speed if their location is qualified.  If you’d like to upgrade an existing circuit, please write to sales@sonic.net to get the process underway.

Residential locations, dynamic IP:

  • 1.5Mbps/1Mbps $35/mo
  • 3Mbps/1Mbps $40/mo
  • 6Mbps/1Mbps $45/mo
  • 10 12Mbps/1Mbps $65/mo $50/mo
  • 18Mbps/1Mbps $80/mo $55/mo

Residential locations, 8 static IPs:

  • 1.5Mbps/1Mbps $60/mo $55/mo
  • 3Mbps/1Mbps $65/mo $60/mo
  • 6Mbps/1Mbps $70/mo
  • 10 12Mbps/1Mbps $90/mo $75/mo
  • 18Mbps/1Mbps $105/mo $80/mo

Business locations, dynamic IP:

  • 1.5Mbps/1Mbps $60/mo $45/mo
  • 3Mbps/1Mbps $65/mo $50/mo
  • 6Mbps/1Mbps $70/mo $60/mo
  • 10 12Mbps/1Mbps $90/mo $70/mo
  • 18Mbps/1Mbps $105/mo $80/mo

Business locations, 8 static IPs:

  • 1.5Mbps/1Mbps $70/mo $55/mo
  • 3Mbps/1Mbps $75/mo $60/mo
  • 6Mbps/1Mbps $80/mo $75/mo
  • 10 12Mbps/1Mbps $100/mo $85/mo
  • 18Mbps/1Mbps $115/mo $100/mo

I am very pleased with the growth in customer signups for Fusion and FlexLink products on our new network, and I appreciate everyone’s continued patronage. Please tell a neighbor about Sonic.net Fusion!

Note: Product speeds noted above are delivered as a range from the next lower product up to the maximum, for example 18Mbps/1Mbps service may be delivered as any speed greater than 12Mbps (the next product down) up to 18Mbps, with upstream of up to 1Mbps. Actual delivered speed is based upon copper line quality and distance. If the delivered sync rate does not meet the range of the product ordered, a downgrade and pricing reduction to the lower speed product tier is applied.

A little bit extra

As mentioned in this system status message, we have re-profiled all Fusion Broadband customers to deliver a higher maximum sync speed. We have added 10% on top of the advertised maximum speed of all of our Fusion speed tiers.

The idea is to over deliver a little bit extra to Fusion customers who are obtaining the maximum speed in their selected tier. So, a customer who buys “up to 6Mbps” Fusion now is actually set to a profile of 6592kbps in the DSLAM, and an “up to 18Mbps” customer is set 19776kbps.

Maybe racing stripes really do make things go faster!

Seen in the test lab: 46Mbps/4.8Mbps pair bonded ADSL2+


This week we have demonstrated ADSL2+ connection speeds of 46Mbps downstream and 4.8Mbps upstream. Our network design team achieved this speed in the lab environment, on a short copper loop.

Because of longer loops and interference, this is not a speed that we will see in the real world, but it is very exciting to see the full potential of ADSL2+/Annex M.

Today we have staff with real world loops running at over 30Mbps, so that is a more realistic goal.

Two pairs of telephone wire were used in the test to deliver a bonded (double pair or four wire) ADSL2+ link, with Annex M (double upstream) capability turned on. Actual FTP transfer speeds were demonstrated at over 42Mbps upstream and 4.5Mbps outbound after overhead.

We are working on the wrap-up of product design and pricing for our new pair bonded Fusion products, and we plan to announce the details shortly.

Sonic.net Fusion Broadband continues to bring customers innovation in Internet access.

Supporting Amgen Tour of California

The City of Santa Rosa IT team and Sonic.net were a big part of the first stage of the Amgen Tour of California event. Sonic.net provided key infrastructure for the Amgen Tour television production and for the local events in Railroad Square.

Feeding the television production’s main Sat-Link truck, Sonic.net provided a 10Mbps/10Mbps FlexLink Ethernet connection. This circuit was delivered with just two weeks notice. (The typical turnaround for these type of products is 30 days.) The fast Ethernet symmetric connection was used to deliver a LAN for a day throughout the High-Def TV production area, serving various production trailers.

In Railroad Square, Sonic.net provided a fast DSL connection to deliver video to the “Jumbotron”, keeping race fans updated with news on the race.

We are very excited about our new FlexLink Ethernet and Fusion ADSL products, which are available for both business and residential users. Sunday’s event was a great chance to show off the capabilities of these fast products.

FlexLink offers 1.5Mbps (T1) up to 30Mbps Ethernet connections for business users. FlexLink includes strong service level agreements with a four hour repair response which is essential for business. FlexLink Ethernet has widespread availability, going beyond the length restrictions of consumer DSL connections.

Fusion Broadband DSL provides asymmetric broadband service using a dedicated line, with optional conventional line shared voice telephone service coming soon. Speeds offered range from up to 6Mbps/1Mbps to 18Mbps/1Mbps. In the future, Fusion Broadband will offer pair bonding for faster speeds at all distances, and faster upstream speed options are also in the works.

Wrapping up new network

Forestville under construction

New vehicle livery, at Forestville CO

We started construction in Forestville today. It’s the last of our initial nineteen offices slated for build-out during this initial phase. All of the other locations are nearly done, with just a few loose ends to be tied up over the next few weeks.

Forestville was last on the list, as it’s the smallest town we will be initially serving on the new network. Despite it’s small size, Sonic.net today serves a surprising amount of DSL there, and I’m personally hopeful that it does well. As it’s my home town, I’ve got a best of a vested interest. (No, to answer the obvious question, we didn’t build out an entire CO because the CEO lives nearby. I’m well served today with very fast wireless access.)

Here’s a photo taken late today as the light faded, the central office in the background. What do you think of our new livery?

Cutting the cord

A recent survey confirms what ILEC investor calls and SEC filings have shown for some time. Consumers are moving away from land lines in favor of mobile phone products.

Eighteen percent of homes have no land lines, and another thirteen percent have land lines but rarely if ever use them. In total, this means that 30% of users don’t have or don’t want an old fashioned “plain old telephone service” (POTS) line.

Currently however, Sonic.net’s legacy AT&T delivered DSL services require land line voice service as prerequisite. While this could be very limited measured rate service, it generally means a hidden cost of between fifteen and twenty five dollars.

One of the reasons that I’m excited about our new Fusion products is that they are available standalone. If you want land line voice, we will be offering that early next year, but “dry” service (no voice) will always be available too!

This lets customers purchase only the service they want, without the voice requirement that our legacy AT&T DSL products come with today.

Almost done!

Cabs for Forestville and one last San Francisco office

Last cabinets, for Forestville and one final San Francisco office

I was wandering around the warehouse this evening trying to find a plastic chair mat, and I noticed that it feels pretty empty in there.

We have had twenty huge cabinets on top of the shelves for quite a few months, and the place really was quite full. In addition to the cabinets, there were many boxes of DSLAMs, ADSL2+ and EFM cards and various parts. Now, these last two cabinets are the only ones left, the rest are gone, gone, off to deployment.

It’s an exciting time, as we draw close to completion of our first nineteen central offices.

FlexLink, Fusion Online in Five Six Cities

Board Updated 11/19/2008

Board Updated 11/19/2008

I am very proud of our central office installation teams. These folks have been working long hours and are getting great work done. We’re underway in virtually every central office, with many of them pretty far along toward completion.

The network is now live in five six cities, and we are anticipating first customer deliveries in each over the next week or so. If you’re interested in service, you can order now.

The following cities are online today:

  • Santa Rosa
  • Sebastopol
  • Rohnert Park
  • Windsor
  • Healdsburg
  • Petaluma

Updated November 24th, Petaluma is now online.

Fusion and FlexLink network build update

Our network build teams are making very good progress on the 19 central offices which we are building out in the first phase. We have had teams in San Francisco, the East Bay, Sacramento and all around Sonoma County over the last month and a half. Here are a few photos of cabinet load-in to a San Francisco central office, plus an update of our hand-crafted build status board.

Fusion Broadband update

Building to a gold star

Building to a gold star - CO build status

Today we delivered service for our first Fusion Broadband customer in Santa Rosa.

The first circuit was delivered for Bob Amen, a long time Sonic.net customer. Bob is also the director of systems and network admin at local publisher O’Reilly Media. Bob ordered our middle speed (10Mbps) dry loop (aka “Naked”) DSL for his home, and he’s got a solid connection at the full speed.

Our team is continuing to do the heavy lifting required to build out the network. I am pleased and inspired by the progress. We are all looking forward to continued expansion.

In addition to downtown Santa Rosa, we have completed equipment setup in Sebastopol, Berkeley, Rohnert Park and Windsor. We have put cabinets into Healdsburg, plus two offices in San Francisco, and will be bolting them down and installing equipment and power. Albany, Petaluma and other San Francisco offices are coming soon.

Progress is displayed on our beautiful tally board, pictured here. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. We will keep you posted as we progress to the “Gold Star” for each CO, and meanwhile, you can order service here!