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Reinventing the Wheel

When the Amgen Tour of California rolls into Santa Rosa, Sonic.net provides critical speed.

As a 3rd year stage sponsor, Sonic.net delivered more speed than ever before to keep up with the race production team’s needs. Uplink speed was needed most, and this year we provided our FlexLink Ethernet 30/30Mbps symmetric link. This is roughly twenty times as fast as the typical consumer upstream connection. This fast link was used to power data and video uplinks that help deliver the ToC media experience.

Rolling Broadband!

Sonic.net and the ToC Team used unconventional methods to deliver the necessary speed. Our connection had to be delivered to the on-site network, comprised of production vehicles in the middle of Mendocino Avenue.

We designed a new kind of wheel for the race: a rolling Internet connection. A cable spool with onboard FlexLink Ethernet over Copper equipment was staged in the City Hall telecom room, then rolled out before dawn to the race production vehicles as they deployed.

The hub, a video production trailer, connected various vehicles for the two day event to Sonic.net’s FlexLink Ethernet link.

Sonic.net is proud to be an Amgen Tour of California stage sponsor, providing the fast Internet access to help make this event a speedy success.

Need an Ethernet link at your enterprise? Check out our FlexLink Ethernet services: sonic.net/enterprise/flexlink

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Broadband powered Tour of CA iPad App

The Site-LAN production hub



Oakland construction complete

Downtown Oakland and the Bay

Downtown Oakland and the Bay

Sonic.net’s innovative carrier Ethernet and ADSL2+ products are now online in the Oakland area.  FlexLink’s Ethernet access is perfect for business users with symmetric bandwidth needs, and includes a string business grade service level agreement to back up it’s reliability.  Fusion Broadband’s ADSL2+ and pair bonded ADSL2+ services bring fast asymmetric speeds to small business and residential users.

With Oakland online, we are now offering service in a pretty big chunk of the Easy Bay.  The coverage spans from Oakland, through Berkeley, Albany and Richmond.

Fusion and FlexLink now available in Richmond

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

As we continue our expansion, Richmond is our latest market to come online.  Adjacent to the Albany and Berkeley COs that we’ve been serving for some time, and just across the bridge from San Rafael which came online a few weeks ago, this continues the growth of our next generation product offerings around the Bay Area.

Our Fusion Broadband product for consumer and small business offers asymmetric broadband access without the need for a voice telephone line, using ADSL2+ technology to deliver speeds of up to 30Mbps/2Mbps.  FlexLink Ethernet for enterprise business provides carrier metro Ethernet access with high reliability at speeds of T1 up to 30Mbps/30Mbps symmetric.

Napa deployment complete


All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

We are now taking orders for our next generation carrier services in the Napa area. This new network brings an awful lot of bandwidth through Napa because it’s on our big new fiber ring. Consumers and small businesses can get products up to a max of 30Mbps now in many areas in Napa.

I’m guessing that a lot of Napa area wineries may be interested in reviewing their current Internet connections.  The new network brings long range T1 products online at aggressive new pricing, as low as $229/mo.  For a business in a more remote location, this is a great product and price!  For details, contact us!

San Rafael deployment complete

San Rafael

All: FlexLink Green/Yellow: Fusion (approximate)

We’re now taking orders for new Fusion Broadband and FlexLink Ethernet & T1 services in the main San Rafael SNRFCA01 central office.  This site is one of our big new fiber signal regeneration sites, so it’s got an amazing amount of bandwidth passing through.  Scoop some of it up for yourself as it passes by if you are located in the San Rafael serving area.

Cotati, Sonoma Fusion/FlexLink availability

We have deployed equipment in two new central offices on our new technology platform. Both Fusion and FlexLink products are now available to customers served by the Cotati and Sonoma central offices.

Cotati and Sonoma were left out in the initial wave of deployment last year because both are awkwardly situated with relationship to many of the customers in the serving area. For example the Sonoma central office is actually in Agua Caliente, and this limits the availability of Fusion services for many Sonoma residents. (Agua Caliente residents on the other hand are very well situated.)

That said, for our business clients, broad FlexLink availability is important, so it’s nice to have wrapped these two locations up. Many wineries in the Sonoma area for example have previously had only expensive T1 or wireless options available, and can now take advantage of the speeds and low prices of FlexLink symmetric products.

These two offices complete our near term Sonoma County coverage, and we are now focusing construction efforts in Marin, Napa and the East Bay.

Supporting Amgen Tour of California

The City of Santa Rosa IT team and Sonic.net were a big part of the first stage of the Amgen Tour of California event. Sonic.net provided key infrastructure for the Amgen Tour television production and for the local events in Railroad Square.

Feeding the television production’s main Sat-Link truck, Sonic.net provided a 10Mbps/10Mbps FlexLink Ethernet connection. This circuit was delivered with just two weeks notice. (The typical turnaround for these type of products is 30 days.) The fast Ethernet symmetric connection was used to deliver a LAN for a day throughout the High-Def TV production area, serving various production trailers.

In Railroad Square, Sonic.net provided a fast DSL connection to deliver video to the “Jumbotron”, keeping race fans updated with news on the race.

We are very excited about our new FlexLink Ethernet and Fusion ADSL products, which are available for both business and residential users. Sunday’s event was a great chance to show off the capabilities of these fast products.

FlexLink offers 1.5Mbps (T1) up to 30Mbps Ethernet connections for business users. FlexLink includes strong service level agreements with a four hour repair response which is essential for business. FlexLink Ethernet has widespread availability, going beyond the length restrictions of consumer DSL connections.

Fusion Broadband DSL provides asymmetric broadband service using a dedicated line, with optional conventional line shared voice telephone service coming soon. Speeds offered range from up to 6Mbps/1Mbps to 18Mbps/1Mbps. In the future, Fusion Broadband will offer pair bonding for faster speeds at all distances, and faster upstream speed options are also in the works.

Cable lacing introduction

One of the arcane arts of telco is cable lacing with wax string. I’ve been given a crash course by Juston, and I managed to demonstrate on some test cables and ties that the CEO hasn’t lost his knack.

Here are a couple examples of some simple cable lacing used to manage a set of large cables. Yup, I tied these myself. The third image is a cable end itself, with an AMP Champ tool and the connector just after termination.

Check out Wikipedia’s cable lacing article out for more infomation. For additional info, tools and supplies (you can do this at home!), see Tecra Tools.

Wrapping up new network

Forestville under construction

New vehicle livery, at Forestville CO

We started construction in Forestville today. It’s the last of our initial nineteen offices slated for build-out during this initial phase. All of the other locations are nearly done, with just a few loose ends to be tied up over the next few weeks.

Forestville was last on the list, as it’s the smallest town we will be initially serving on the new network. Despite it’s small size, Sonic.net today serves a surprising amount of DSL there, and I’m personally hopeful that it does well. As it’s my home town, I’ve got a best of a vested interest. (No, to answer the obvious question, we didn’t build out an entire CO because the CEO lives nearby. I’m well served today with very fast wireless access.)

Here’s a photo taken late today as the light faded, the central office in the background. What do you think of our new livery?