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Almost done!

Cabs for Forestville and one last San Francisco office

Last cabinets, for Forestville and one final San Francisco office

I was wandering around the warehouse this evening trying to find a plastic chair mat, and I noticed that it feels pretty empty in there.

We have had twenty huge cabinets on top of the shelves for quite a few months, and the place really was quite full. In addition to the cabinets, there were many boxes of DSLAMs, ADSL2+ and EFM cards and various parts. Now, these last two cabinets are the only ones left, the rest are gone, gone, off to deployment.

It’s an exciting time, as we draw close to completion of our first nineteen central offices.

FlexLink, Fusion Online in Five Six Cities

Board Updated 11/19/2008

Board Updated 11/19/2008

I am very proud of our central office installation teams. These folks have been working long hours and are getting great work done. We’re underway in virtually every central office, with many of them pretty far along toward completion.

The network is now live in five six cities, and we are anticipating first customer deliveries in each over the next week or so. If you’re interested in service, you can order now.

The following cities are online today:

  • Santa Rosa
  • Sebastopol
  • Rohnert Park
  • Windsor
  • Healdsburg
  • Petaluma

Updated November 24th, Petaluma is now online.

Fusion and FlexLink network build update

Our network build teams are making very good progress on the 19 central offices which we are building out in the first phase. We have had teams in San Francisco, the East Bay, Sacramento and all around Sonoma County over the last month and a half. Here are a few photos of cabinet load-in to a San Francisco central office, plus an update of our hand-crafted build status board.

Sonic.net moves into fast lane

Nathan PatrickPhoto: Scott Manchester / PD

There’s an article in the Press Democrat today about Sonic.net’s expansion as a telecommunications and access provider.

This is a project we’ve been working on for over two years now, and Santa Rosa is just the first of many areas where service will be available. Businesses near downtown Santa Rosa can get on board now, with residential service to follow.

Read the full article now at PressDemocrat.com.

FlexLink Product Launch

Our new FlexLink business Internet access products were launched this week. I’ll blog a bit of a sales pitch here, because I am real excited about the new technology behind the products.

These are the first products built on our new next generation network. Currently available in Santa Rosa, the FlexLink products will be expanding through much of Sonoma County and parts of the Bay Area over the remainder of the year.

For business customers, FlexLink offers some amazing new products and price points. Today, many businesses use reliable symmetrical T1 lines to serve their Internet access needs, with a cost that’s typically $300 to $500 per month. Our new FlexLink T1 product has pricing from just $249/mo. That’s a tidy little savings, but what’s even more exciting is that our FlexLink Dual-T1 is just $299/mo! That’s double the bandwidth for less than the cost of a typical single T1. Today’s business has more bandwidth needs, and single T1 just isn’t enough. Dual-T1 offers a full 3.0Mbps in both directions, which is a nice size for small work groups.

But the reality is that many businesses need even more bandwidth. With home DSL and cable exceeding the inbound (but not outbound) speed of T1 and Dual-T1 configurations, it’s probably time to consider faster access.

The entry level T1 and Dual-T1 products are interesting and cost effective, but our 5Mbps, 7.5Mbps and 10Mbps Ethernet links are even more exciting. With pricing from $499/mo, $599 and $699/mo, it makes more sense than ever to simply connect the business LAN to our LAN with FlexLink Ethernet! Growing bandwidth needs make 10mbps symmetric today what T1 1.5Mbps service was for businesses five or six years ago. Today’s larger Internet applications and the need for snappy Internet performance requires fast connections.

We haven’t yet set firm pricing for higher speeds, but there’s really no reason to stop at 10Mbps on FlexLink. It’s possible to deliver speeds of 30 to 40Mbps on our FlexLink Ethernet platform – so there’s room to grow. Then, our FlexLink Fiber Ethernet products step in, with speeds of 50, 100, and onward.

In asymmetric products, FlexLink ADSL2+ provides more inbound bandwidth for businesses that don’t send as much data to the Internet. With pricing from $129 to $169, and speeds from 8Mbps/1Mbps to 15Mbps/1Mbps, FlexLink ADSL2+ is a great upgrade from old ADSL1 technology for businesses.

More product info and sales contacts can be found here: http://www.sonic.net/sales/flexlink/