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Wi-Fi posts growth, and helps you dodge a ticket

Embedded serial to WiFi moduleWi-Fi embedded moduleThe Wi-Fi Alliance has published 2007’s Wi-Fi chipset shipment numbers. The total for 2007 is 300,000,000 Wi-Fi chips. That’s a lot of gear. But, the stunning part is the growth: 41% over 2006.

Meanwhile, there are new uses for Wi-Fi. Skyhook is now offering location services, using a database of known Wi-Fi access point locations. Basically, every Wi-Fi access point (AP) has a unique address. Skyhook has built a database of locations where Wi-Fi access points are actually located, so that a device can say “I see AP’s W, X, Y and Z, where am I?”

This means that your Apple iPhone can now determine where it is, even without an expensive GPS chip, or a view of the sky to receive a GPS signal. If there is E-911 tie-in of that data, this could be critical in the case of an emergency, so first responders can find out where you are.

I always wondered if there would be a use for wardriving. And, now you can avoid a ticket while wardriving by using Skyhook’s technology along with Trapster.

Who would have thought? Keep your eyes on the road!