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Sonic.net Goes International

Sonic.net’s Fusion Broadband+Phone service is moving into the next phase of expansion:

Free international calling!

To kick off, we announced this week that our most frequently called country, Canada, will be our first free international destination for Fusion residential customers. Business Fusion customers can now call Canada for their domestic rate, just a penny a minute. See my recent article, “O Canada” (yeah, I know, it’s corny) for limitations and all of the details.

This is an exciting new capability for our Fusion broadband and home phone service, and I am really looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to this new feature.

Let us know in the comments, where would you like to be able to call free?

We will add more destinations soon, and the long-term plan is that calling to most countries will be free. Growth in our Fusion customer quantity will determine how quickly this will occur. So, tell your friends about Fusion!

"Anticipation" -- © Robert S. Donovan -- Flickr/booleansplit

How do you access the lowest international calling rates?

On Sonic.net’s Fusion Broadband + Phone service, the international rates are about average. They’re decent rates, but certainly not the lowest you can find. The reason for this is that our amount of customer international calling is still pretty low. As the usage continues to grow, we will shop rates around and expect reduce them over time.

Meanwhile, some customers have pointed out that our rates are higher than Skype, to which I’ve said, “cool, you can use Skype”.

But, using Skype wasn’t easy from a land line, you had to use your PC. Now, they’ve got a solution for that: Skype To Go.

Skype To Go creates a call-in number in the US for your international contact, allowing you to use free residential Fusion domestic calling to access Skype low international rates. Slick! Note that with Fusion you can also use other international options including pre-paid calling cards which have a toll-free access number.

Obviously, encouraging customers to shop their international calling around goes against the goal of increasing usage so that we can all get better rates. But, for those who are cost conscious and who do a lot of calling to family, friends or business contacts, you might as well find the best rate, while enjoying the reliable high quality landline service that Fusion provides!