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Get the new Sonic Fusion app, free!

iphone5_linesettingsIf you’ve got an iPhone, we’ve got an app for you!

The new Sonic Fusion Mobile app for iPhone will alert you when someone leaves you a voicemail, providing easy message playback while you are on the go. The app also offers access to line settings, including call forwarding. This makes it easy to forward your Fusion line to your mobile phone or another destination, even when you’re already away from home or the office.

The app is free, just go to sonic.net/fusionapp from your iPhone’s Safari browser to install it now.

For Fusion voicemail notifications, be sure to allow notifications when you start the app. When setting up the app for the first time, you will need to be at the location where your Fusion service is delivered to authenticate the line.

To address the obvious question, “What about Android?”: We plan to see how much interest there is in the app for iPhone before we commit to development for the Android platform. If it is very popular, we are likely to commit to Android support too.


Wi-Fi posts growth, and helps you dodge a ticket

Embedded serial to WiFi moduleWi-Fi embedded moduleThe Wi-Fi Alliance has published 2007’s Wi-Fi chipset shipment numbers. The total for 2007 is 300,000,000 Wi-Fi chips. That’s a lot of gear. But, the stunning part is the growth: 41% over 2006.

Meanwhile, there are new uses for Wi-Fi. Skyhook is now offering location services, using a database of known Wi-Fi access point locations. Basically, every Wi-Fi access point (AP) has a unique address. Skyhook has built a database of locations where Wi-Fi access points are actually located, so that a device can say “I see AP’s W, X, Y and Z, where am I?”

This means that your Apple iPhone can now determine where it is, even without an expensive GPS chip, or a view of the sky to receive a GPS signal. If there is E-911 tie-in of that data, this could be critical in the case of an emergency, so first responders can find out where you are.

I always wondered if there would be a use for wardriving. And, now you can avoid a ticket while wardriving by using Skyhook’s technology along with Trapster.

Who would have thought? Keep your eyes on the road!