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Fusion DSL Broadband static IP blocks

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We have been getting push-back from customers on the policy that Fusion is only available with a single static IP. While we’d hoped that NAT & PAT would allow for whatever capabilities people need, the bottom line is that customers want more than one static IPs.

So, in the near future we’ll begin offering four and eight IP blocks with Fusion. We cannot do this immediately because we simply don’t have enough IP address space; it eats up a lot because we must allocate at least a full /24 to every single CO, which we haven’t done at this point, and we simply don’t have enough address space.

(Sidebar: Today we route each CO a /25 (half a class C) for statics, and had planned to accommodate 125 static IP broadband users in that block. With eight IP blocks, we can only fit 14 customers in a /25. Because of this, we have to get bigger blocks to each CO before we can begin these larger allocations.)

Pricing is to be determined – it is likely to be a slightly different price point for each level of IPs.

If you want more than one static IP address, I encourage you to wait to order Fusion until the product is defined, priced, and integrated into the ordering tools.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!


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