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Fusion Price Drops … Again!

We have just reduced the price for many of our Fusion services, again! This is the fourth major price reduction for our Fusion product line. (See related articles at the bottom of this post for previous reductions.)

Sonic.net’s innovative Fusion Broadband + Phone service delivers the fastest possible Broadband, plus land line telephone service, all for one low price.

In this round of changes, we dropped our prices by $10 to $30. Here are the new rates:

Residential Fusion Broadband + Phone:

  • 1 phone line, up to 20Mbps: $39.95 (was reduced in December)
  • 2 phone lines, up to 40Mbps: $79.95 $69.96

Business Fusion Broadband + Phone:

  • 1 phone line, up to 20Mbps: $60.00 $49.95
  • 2 phone lines, up to 40Mbps: $120.00 $89.95

I hope you like the new rates. I’m particularly excited about the two line bonded service. It delivers twice the speed by using two lines, and new lower prices make it a much better value than ever.

As before, residential service includes unlimited nationwide calling, and business customers get low 1¢ per minute calling, across town or across the country. All the features you need are included, like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and for businesses with two lines, hunting/rollover. If you’re not already a customer, check for service availability and sign up today!

Existing customers will automatically see the new rate reflected in their bill shortly. I really appreciate your selection of Fusion at the previous price, and I know you will like it even more at these new lower prices.

As I’ve previously written, these price changes are part of our commitment to continue to improve our flagship Fusion service. We would certainly appreciate it very much if you’d tell your friends (online and offline), neighbors, blog this, Tweet/Facebook it, post Yelp/DSLReports reviews, etc. Your positive endorsement is the best way for us to grow. As you can see, we’re passing along cost savings as rate reductions to you!

This new rate applies to Fusion Broadband + Phone. If you have an older Fusion “Standalone” service that doesn’t have voice, you can retain that product at your current rate. If you would like to take advantage of the new rates, you will need to activate voice. If you’d like to do this, please call us now to start the process. You can reach our customer service group at 707-547-3400.

We have decided not to add voice automatically for these legacy customers for a number of reasons. First, we can port a number from another carrier for you, or let you choose a new telephone number, and we would like you to make this choice. Second, there are taxes and fees associated with voice, and we’d like to assure you understand them. Estimated voice tax and fee information is available, listed by city. Third, Fusion Broadband + Phone requires a credit, debit or pre-paid debit card for payment, so we need to collect that information if we do not already have it on file. Finally, and most important, we must validate that your physical address is accepted by the 911 system when we activate voice.

I continue to be blown away by the customer reaction to our Fusion products. The great feedback we have received from customers all around the Bay Area has been amazing. Thank you! Please keep spreading the word!

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Fusion Standalone Price Reductions

With the simplification and uncapping of Fusion, we are also delivering additional value and cost savings to many of our existing standalone (data alone, without voice service) Fusion customers.

First, I’d like to say thank you for being an early adopter of our Fusion Broadband dry pair service. As we have done in the past, we are committed to delivering you more capabilities and value as we evolve the Fusion service. This means you get the same deal new customers do – up to 20Mbps broadband and phone service, for a simple low price: $50 residential, or $60 for small business.

To provide an example, an existing residential dynamic IP Fusion customer was paying $55/mo for 12-18Mbps capped service, with no voice. Now, with Fusion Broadband+Phone, that rate will be reduced to $50, and the circuit will be completely uncapped for speeds of up to 20Mbps (distance and loop quality allowing.)

Because Fusion now includes voice service, the customer can also opt to have us activate voice service too! The only cost would be the applicable voice taxes and fees.

If you have existing Fusion and would like to activate voice with a newly assigned number, please contact customer support and they can help you select a new number. If you have existing Fusion and would like to port a number from another carrier, we will be ready for that soon, please stand by!

Price reductions and speed cap removal will be completed for existing customers shortly. You do not need to take any action to receive a price reduction or increase in speed.

For customers who do not want to activate voice, you certainly don’t need to, and for customers with rate limited (capped) service at a lower cost than the applicable current price point, your service and price will remain unchanged. For example: 3-6Mbps speed capped residential dynamic IP Fusion was $45/mo. That customer’s bill will remain unchanged at that location unless the customer asks us to upgrade and uncap or add voice at the new $50/mo rate. The choice is yours.

Again, thank you for being a Sonic.net Fusion customer, and please tell your neighbors about our newly expanded service!