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Easy way to save $5 on Internet

verizon-logo2Here’s a quick and easy way to save on your Internet access: let Sonic.net help with your Verizon wireless service. ¬†Pairing Sonic.net’s customer service with Verizon’s great network coverage is an unbeatable combination.

To make it even better, you can save $5/mo for a full year when you get both from Sonic.net!

We can provide most standard phones, as well as smartphone products like the Blackberry. Being able to get technical support from one organization for your Internet, email, and smartphone integration with email can also mean a lot less customer service frustration.

For details, start on the Sonic.net Verizon Smartphone page, but if you’re interested in any specific phone, or simply want to re-up your current plan to save, don’t hesitate to contact us.