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My best idea ever – can you help me find an implementation?

We probably agree that Email is THE killer application on the Internet. It’s simple and humble, but it’s critical to everything businesses and individuals do today.

And, we know that everyone suffers from information and task management overload.

My idea: When I send email, I want to set an “expectation” for a response, for my own reference and my own follow up. It might be “no response expected”, or “two days”, or “today”. Maybe it’s a slider I drag before I hit send. If I don’t drag it, the default is ‘nothing expected’.

If I don’t get a response within my set expected interval, I want my sent message to reappear in my inbox so that I can “reply” to the person I sent to and say “bump” or “how about this?” – or pick up the phone. (No, software should NOT annoy the recipient!)

The goal is to delegate and forget, never needing to keep in my head all of the things I’ve sent out as tasks and items requiring response.

This sort of follows the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy of committing everything to a system you trust, then forgetting about it and getting on with life.

I don’t want to bug the recipient, this is just a sender client side concept. The tool would look for a reply (Subject: Re: blah) to satisfy the expectation.

So my thought is that this is THE missing feature of email, and that someone must have written a Thunderbird extension. But, no luck finding one.

Which brings me to my request of you: Ask your social network (the techie ones, anyway) if they’re aware of a tool for Thunderbird that reminds you to follow up on emails which have not been responded to?

Okay, I hope this isn’t REALLY my best idea ever, but it’s a decent one, and I hope you can help me find an implementation.

Please reply with comments if you find this feature, or have any suggestions or feedback.