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What are we doing?

Recently the Press Democrat published an article on Twitter, the popular micro-blogging web site, which mentions businesses leveraging the communication technology to stay in touch with their customers.

For the last six months Sonic.net has been using the Twitter account “@sonicnet” to interact with customers; notifying them of changes to our systems, letting them know about new features as we roll them out, as well as interacting directly with customers to help them solve problems; we even gave away tickets to a special Sonic.net showing of “Indiana Jones”.

Our goal with using Twitter is two fold: use it as an additional method for keeping customers in the loop (we already send E-Mails, post to Usenet and update web sites); we also like using the ‘track’ feature of Twitter to keep tabs on what people are saying about Sonic.net and being able to respond in real time.

The real advantage to all this is that we as a company are able to participate in conversations that before would have gone unnoticed and we think there is real power in that. We expect more businesses to start using Twitter to this end and we are proud to be on the leading edge of this growing trend.

P.S., we also have the @sonicnet_status account if you just interested in the “meat” of what’s going on at Sonic.net.